RUNE refused Savchenko

For ideological reasons, the public platform FLEECE and extra fractional people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko stop the active cooperation, reported on the website traffic in Facebook.

As noted in the report, the decision is «mutual» and caused by «differences in vision underlying ideological and structural-organizational basis, which occurred during a joint systematic work».

«At the same time, we do not exclude the likelihood of further joint work on specific projects, in conditions of stay in the various ideological structures», — added in the organization.

RUNE is a little known formation. Her name stands Kiev math tutor, economist Nazar mukhachov.

Along with him, and together with a local businessman Teodor Dyakiv (previously worked with BYUT and «Civil position» Anatoly Gritsenko), MP Savchenko tried unsuccessfully to establish a joint political project.

After a barrage of criticism from Western intellectuals Diakiw also began to atlavitsa from Savchenko, stressing that he further presents his own peer group of «popular sovereignty.»

Recall Savchenko expelled from the parliamentary faction of «Fatherland» and of the Ukrainian delegation in PACE on your own contacts with the leaders of Pro-Russian terrorist organizations «DNR» and «LNR». For this reason, and also because of her constant controversial statements on the topic of the separatists, territorial integrity, state structure and war with Russia continues with the termination of its membership of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security.

At the same time Yulia Tymoshenko spoke against Savchenko deprivation of the Deputy mandate, and the Deputy in turn avoids the criticism of the leader of «Batkivshchyna».

RUNE refused Savchenko 07.02.2017

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