Rozhkova said that the prosecution of auditors of «PrivatBank» in the embezzlement should bring their report of fraud in the Bank «from legitimate fields»

Criminal proceedings into alleged abuses by officials of «PrivatBank» National Bank of Ukraine and the detective Agency Kroll when issuing loans, which investigates National anti-corruption Bureau was the preparation of the report of the investigators and auditors, said in an interview «Censor.NO,» the Deputy head of the NBU Ekaterina Rozhkova.

According to her, the Kroll report was prepared for publication in October, but «the time frame was pushed», and now he was waiting at the end of December – January.

It is expected that the report may be mentioned the conclusion of the shareholders of the «PrivatBank» means the day before its nationalization in 2016, which will allow Ukraine to return assets lost under capitalization companies.

«Now in the courts is seen about 400 lawsuits that directly or indirectly relate to the nationalization of «PrivatBank». I see only one reason – the desire to withdraw in advance of the legitimate fields of the Kroll report and all the work associated with it,» said Rozhkov.

«With this is connected the emergence of the Internet information that supposedly from «PrivatBank» was a leak in the subscriber base of strategic enterprises, which appeared in Russia. Someone comes up and starts specifically. Then it all begin to speak,» she added, commenting on the publication of the journalist of «1+1» Alexander Dubinsky on admission to banking secrecy Russian citizen Yana Average, supposedly representing the Agency Kroll.

Answering the question, is it profitable for someone to knock out of the process, the Agency Kroll, Rozhkova said, «Yes. This is my opinion».

December 12, Dubinsky said that the NAB is investigating two criminal proceedings, which, in addition, «PrivatBank» are foreign firms with a world name – Kroll, AlixPartners and Hogan Lovells – and law firm «asters». The message he has made of the extracts from the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations.

The journalist also claims that Rozhkova 12 Dec fired the Director of the Department of inspection of banks Tatyana Lebedynets, who allegedly warned the leadership of the NBU on legal risks in the course of inspection of «PrivatBank» and the preparation of verification company Kroll.

«The censor.NO» published a copy of the judgement on the conduct of searches, which States that, according to the Prosecutor General, the representatives of «PrivatBank» and Kroll have entered into an agreement with officials of the national Bank, by organizing a «scheme of systematic embezzlement of funds of «PrivatBank».

According to a government decision of December 18, 2016, the state of 100% became the owner of «PrivatBank».

5 June 2017, the Centre for the investigation of corruption and organized crime OCCRP reported that «PrivatBank» for 2015-2016 has issued over $1 billion in loans to 28 companies, which were controlled by individuals associated with the former owner of the Bank Igor Kolomoisky.

July 7 in the NAB said that the state suffered damages in the amount of recapitalization of the Bank to 116.8 billion.

NBU in July published a report financial audit of «PrivatBank», conducted by Ernst&Young according to which on the eve of the nationalization of the Bank was a financial pyramid.

After that, the ex-Bank owners, as well as associated offshore and individuals have begun to file dozens of lawsuits in the Ukrainian courts in which to appeal against the procedure of nationalization and demand compensation for related financial losses.

Rozhkova said that the prosecution of auditors of «PrivatBank» in the embezzlement should bring their report of fraud in the Bank «from legitimate fields» 19.12.2017

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