Rozhkov: Small banks in the market may be just nothing to do

Small banks, even following the requirements of the National Bank on capital increase, occupy a vulnerable position in the market and may begin the process of transformation into financial companies. Such forecast in interview «Censor.NO» made Deputy head of the NBU Ekaterina Rozhkova.

«Their biggest problem is the misunderstanding of what to do after passed the requirement of NBU to increase capital. Today there is home and small-town banking,» she stated.

The NBU held a meeting with heads of small banks, which frankly told about the difficulties of competition, said Rozhkov.

«The owners of small banks have to understand that further development requires serious investment. Investment needs for personnel, hardware, software, and advertising. And then you get the exhaust. But seeing as they’ve been dokapitalizatsii, I understand that such money may not be. So I’m afraid that believing in such a development plan, they will begin to invest and at some point say, «Everything!» – said the Deputy head of the national Bank.

Access to such institutions is to refuse a banking license and transition into the category of non-banking financial companies, she said.

«All finkompany so needs to be attached to the systems of the banks. And smaller banks already have it all. Their system allows you to work online with clients. After all, if they are unable to compete with larger banks that can compete with financial companies, with the management, client base and market knowledge. I therefore hope that the high-profile closures will not and most perekvalifitsiruetsya. They can continue to lend, to engage in foreign exchange and to earn commissions. The regulation of such companies is more liberal,» concluded Rozhkova.

In January 2016 in Ukraine was 117 existing banks, and in January 2017 – 96.

From February 2017, the national Bank conducted a diagnostic of banks, assets which do not exceed 2% of the assets of the banking system of Ukraine.

Rozhkov: Small banks in the market may be just nothing to do 20.12.2017

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