Rostv has confirmed that the Kremlin is using in Syria banned incendiary cluster bombs

Investigating Russian military crimes in Syria, the team Conflict Intelligence Team found that the state propaganda channel RT (Russia) showed footage from the base of Hamim in Syria, where one of the Russian combat aircraft is equipped with prohibited cluster bombs, reports on 21 June 2016, «Radio Liberty».

Video dedicated to the inspection of the Russian Minister of defense Sergei Shoigu, a close-up attached under the fuselage of the aircraft ammunition RBK-500 SAAS-2.5 cm (inscription easy to see) is a type of cluster bomb with an incendiary warhead.

After the publication of the video changed for personnel with the aircraft on the runway, it goes directly to the speech Shoigu. However, on YouTube the bombs you can see with the help of preview, the official website of CIT.

We will remind, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the Syrian human rights activists and representatives of moderate opposition groups opposing the Pro-Russian socialist dictator Bashar al-Assad, has repeatedly accused Russia applying on the territory of Syria incendiary cluster munitions banned by international Convention.

In turn, Igor Konashenkov , Russian defense Ministry stated that on the basis Hamim no incendiary cluster bombs and the Russian aviation supposedly uses them in Syria.

According to human rights activists, may have been killed in Syria 872 civilians. In particular, 49 Syrian civilians, including six women and 15 children, were killed in the attacks Russian allies of al-Assad.


According to Facebook expert Ruslan Lie (CIT), in the frame of RT was not just cluster bombs, and incendiary cluster bombs. This is an important distinction.

There is a special Convention. Its for the sake of brevity referred to as the Convention on inhumane weapons (CCW). Fully is known as the UN Convention On prohibitions or restrictions on the use of certain conventional weapons which may be deemed to be excessively injurious or to have indiscriminate effects».

This Convention, specifically its article 2 of Protocol III, prohibits the use of incendiary bombs in all circumstances as against civilian targets (even if they are hiding terrorists) and against military objects located in the zone of concentration of civilians.

USSR signed the Convention in 1982. In 2006, during the opening of the Geneva conference on banning certain types of weapons, the Russian foreign Ministry said that Russia highly appreciates the Convention and complies with its provisions. «It (the Convention — ed.) is designed to help reduce losses and suffering of the civilian population and military personnel during armed conflicts. Appreciating the value of the CCW and its annexed protocols, Russia adheres firmly to their position», — stated in the message of the foreign Ministry.

«Nevertheless, personnel of Russia Today indicate that videoconferencing definitely are armed airbase Hamim incendiary cluster bombs. And the photos and footage coming from the civilian population of Syria and from the Syrian rescue services (White Helmets) show that Russia regularly uses incendiary bombs on targets in the city,» — emphasizes the Liev.

Rostv has confirmed that the Kremlin is using in Syria banned incendiary cluster bombs 21.06.2016

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