Rossm spreading fakes about capture by fighters of Avdeevki. Refer to Peskov

One of the leading mouthpieces of the Kremlin military propaganda channel «Star» — caught the falsification of the information Bulletin on the fighting in the area of Avdeevka (the Donetsk region, Ukraine). Recalling the words of the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, on Tuesday, 31 January 2017, the broadcaster reported about the alleged visit of this settlement under control of Russian-terrorist forces, particularly in the area of the group «DNR», reports «Island».

«The Kremlin has declared that «DNR» has returned under the control of Avdiyivka» — so is this completely false news.

«They (the APU — approx. ed.) crossed the line… I had to fight back in the vicinity of the Town, the invasion was foiled» — are fictional words Peskov.

In addition, the propagandists in their usual manner are called false information about the losses of Ukrainian servicemen.

It is significant that this information extends the all-Russian state channel that is owned by the media group «Star», which is supervised by the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile, a separatist web site called «the Center for operational cooperation» denies this information. «Distributors of information on the «sunset» of the BCH («Novorossiya Armed forces» — ed.) in Avdeevka: you are advised to seek the advice of…, medical professionals and then all the crowd to cross the English channel».

Resource militants reported that at present «there are fights in the area of the left (the Russians and their mercenaries — ed.) yesterday position at the southern outskirts of the Town».

Information about the stampede militants also confirmed on his page international terrorist Igor Girkin («Strelkov»).

As previously reported, the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine has asked Facebook to introduce a mechanism of struggle against fakes.

Rossm spreading fakes about capture by fighters of Avdeevki. Refer to Peskov 31.01.2017

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