«Roscosmos» rented for a flight on the failed launch of a Soyuz business jet for 9 million rubles

«Roscosmos» rented for flight at the cosmodrome «East», where unsuccessfully launched a rocket «Soyuz», business jet, having spent 9 million rubles. As evidenced by the Russian public procurement website, the procurement took place without competition from a single supplier.

In the space Agency explained the lease of the aircraft «urgent need» in production.

The aircraft provided by the airline EastUnion.

In the terms of reference posted on the page of purchase, provided that the aircraft shall deliver the delegation of Roskosmos at the cosmodrome «East» in Blagoveshchensk for «participation in the preparation and conduct of the launch of the spacecraft «meteor-M». The delegation included 12 people. On launch day the plane was supposed to return them to Moscow.

Under the terms of the agreement, the class of the aircraft should not be below Large. Set also a specific aircraft – Gulfstream Aerospace GV-SP (G550) with registration number N550PM.

«Russian service of the BBC» notes that the Russian space Agency on their request on this occasion did not answer. Provided also that the aircraft of this class are used by the billionaires and leaders.

On 28 November, the carrier rocket was launched from the Russian cosmodrome «East». She was supposed to put into orbit satellite «meteor-M», however, the satellite link could not be established. According to media reports, because of an error in the flight mission of the carrier rocket and upper stage the satellite was launched on the wrong path, entered the atmosphere and fell into the Atlantic ocean.

Due to the failure of the last launch of the next launch from the cosmodrome «East» can move in 2018.

«Roscosmos» rented for a flight on the failed launch of a Soyuz business jet for 9 million rubles 01.12.2017

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