Roman Sushchenko told about the conditions of detention in Lefortovo

Illegally a prisoner in Russia, the correspondent of «UKRINFORM» in France, Roman Sushchenko already lost 6 pounds.

About it the journalist told Russian rights defenders, members of Public monitoring Committee of the Russian Federation Elena masuk and Lydia Dubikova.

According to «Novaya Gazeta», the prisoner of the journalist is missing the most necessary things — for example, water.

«Water from the tap I don’t drink. Twice a day, when here carry the food, then asked: «Tea? The boiling water?» I take tea. Tea sweet. Still, the brain needs glucose. Why choose tea. For all those days I lost already pounds six, but that’s not important», — quotes Sushchenko.

In conversation with the women human rights defenders revealed that prisoners put water in unlimited quantities, but Sushchenko before that, offered a choice of water or tea.

Also Sushchenko said that in the first days after detention he was not given any food or water in addition to psychological pressure.

«Ask of the Novel, was whether it physical pressure. Sushchenko says no. But on the first day there was psychological pressure. And even in these early days he was not given any food or water. And for the first time after his detention, he was fed Lefortovo», — writes the edition.

It is noted, Sushchenko in Lefortovo finally returned some personal belongings, but they took the breech. That is, a change of clothes the prisoner is not.

As reported, Roman Sushchenko, in violation of all international rules, was detained in Moscow on 30 September and accused of «espionage,» saying that he is an employee of the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine. In the Gur has denied accusations of the FSB, noting that it was «absolutely untrue».

The lawyer of the journalist mark Feigin commented on the allegations: «the plot of the charges roams here and there, however, this document did not add anything new, and the FSB, despite the presence of state secrets, will have to prove to the audience that underneath it all there is reason. The FSB has the possibility is, even if they are under international pressure to prove that the journalist Roman Sushchenko engaged in espionage».

A Moscow court has arrested Roman Sushchenko until November 30.

Roman Sushchenko told about the conditions of detention in Lefortovo 09.10.2016

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