Robots will help to care for the elderly

Humanoid robots with good manners, able also to find an individual approach to each patient, can withdraw from a social service crisis, scientists say, reports BBC Russian.

For research of an international team of scientists in this area has been allocated 2 million pounds (2.5 million dollars). They develop a model versatile robot that can look after the elderly, will supervise the timely taking the pills or just be company to those who are bored or lonely.

Such robots should significantly reduce the burden on the staff of hospitals and nursing homes.

Scientists from Bedfordshire and Middlesex universities will help to design personal robots humanoid called pepper. «Mechanical aides» can be programmed so that they are best suited for those who will need their help.

It is assumed that the development of robots able to take into account cultural individual characteristics of patients, will be completed within three years. Research programme funded by the European Union and the government of Japan.

Chief scientific officer of the company Humar Amit Pandey says that Softbank Robotics want to create a world in which robots will coexist with humans, making life more happy, healthy and harmonious.

They will communicate with people with your voice and gestures, will be able to move freely and to notice the signs that an elderly person is unwell or needs extra help.

Similar robots are already in hospitals in Japan — they help to move or to shift the patients, as well as carry the food.

When the project is close to completion, will test robots in nursing homes owned by the British company Advinia.

The head of the company, Dr. Sanjiv Canaria, expects that it will produce a real revolution in the system of care for older people to reduce the burden on medical staff.

«Robots can take over some services to reduce the likelihood of incorrect medication, or to facilitate the use of sophisticated equipment, he said. All this leads to the fact that the lives of the elderly — both at home and in nursing homes will become safer».

Previously, the robot reporter, created by a Chinese Professor, has released his first article in a daily newspaper in Guangzhou.

Robots will help to care for the elderly 31.01.2017

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