Ringo Starr knighted — media

British musician and former member of the Beatles Ringo Starr knighted.

Newspaper the Sun writes that the invitation to Buckingham Palace Starr received a few weeks ago, with the official dedication needs to announce this week.

A close friend of the family of 77-year-old musician told the newspaper that the news of the knighthood was for Starr’s «bombshell». Giving the drummer a knighthood would be recognition of the contribution of The Beatles to the development of music, he added The Sun.

Another former member of the legendary group, Paul McCartney was knighted in 1997.

The Beatles were an English rock band from Liverpool, founded in 1960. The group besides Starr and McCartney was to John Lennon and George Harrison. The Beatles ceased to work together in 1970, after the breakup, each of the musicians continued his solo career.

Ringo Starr knighted — media 25.12.2017

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