«Right sector» denied commander Mukachevo shooters Stand. He was named the professional provocateur of the interior Ministry and SBU

Right sector official says that the 32-year-old commander of the 1st separate battalion of the Transcarpathian Ukrainian Volunteer corps (DUK) romance Hour (call sign «Honest») now has no relationship to any activity of this movement. «Appeals not to obey the leaders of the movement and internal separatism he himself withdrew beyond the «substation», — said in the address on the official website of the organization.

«Officially declare that the Hour has nothing to HBP «Right sector», — specifies the command «PS».

According to the report, after the release of Dmitry Yarosh and his supporters of the «Right sector», in a time of change in the structure of the movement is «Honest» engaged «active collapse and weakening» of the «Right sector»:

«Backstairs, pouring mud activists and commanders, undermine the authority of Command — that the «revolutionary» work «Honest».

The angry and beautiful posts Facebook is hiding outright work of provocateur, which is conducted solely in the interests of power structures working for the destruction of «PS».

For reference: last Rack of the operational police officer. He also has relatives and connections in the SBU».

Guide «protectorates» calls not «to succumb to asbourne-COP provocation «Honest».

As reported, on August 17, for the shooting during a meeting with MP Michael Lagno, the ensuing fight and hiding from police officers citizen — Pillar, Roman V. was declared MIA in the national search.

A number of media adheres to the version that on July 11, Zakarpattia «Right sector» became the hostage of the flow distribution of contraband cigarettes between Lagno and former head of area Victor balogoy.

In fact, the «Right sector» violent conflict with Lagno and further events are called «police special operation» carried out on behalf of another influential people in the field — Chairman of the Pro-Russian public movement «Ukrainian choice» Viktor Medvedchuk.

Note that the novel Rack has a law degree, previously worked as the personnel officer of the court, the criminal investigation Department of Uzhgorod and Transcarpathian regional Department of the SBU. In the same office his father, Vasily Iosifovich-Hour, in the past he headed the Department of internal security.

August 23, Steadfastly «was» in the zone ATO, where he allegedly fought in the composition of controversional units «Sonechko», and at the end of the year, in fact, announced the creation of a «PS»-3 (as opposed to surrounded by Yarosh and TarasenkoStempitskoho) in the format of several anti-corruption «special battalions «West» and «West 2, West 3 and West 4», located on the territory of Western Ukraine.

After this criticism Stoically began to narastat. In particular, there are detailed memories of his former subordinate in DUK, now a soldier in the ATO zone Alina Kosovo. According to her, the former commander was constantly telling her about «the secret» new «UPA» number in «20 thousand people», as well as myself as her «commander in chief».

«Honest» is a person who sows hatred within «Right sector». Man is absolutely not controlled, possibly mentally ill. Not just a normal healthy person to call themselves a non-existent commander of the UPA» — summed up Kosovo.

«Right sector» denied commander Mukachevo shooters Stand. He was named the professional provocateur of the interior Ministry and SBU 13.02.2016

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