Rheinische Post. The CDU/CSU toughens policy toward Russia

Party CDU/CSU is configured for a confrontation with Moscow. «Russia’s military actions in Ukraine unacceptable», — the document says at the disposal of the Rheinische Post. The deputies of the parliamentary factions plan to take it Tuesday, the newspaper reports.

MPs accuse Moscow of, among other things, the intention to «split the Western States to discredit the policy of the Federal government and to undermine Europe’s relations with the United States.» «In addition, Moscow increased intelligence and strengthened anti-Western propaganda. Russia — underscore the deputies — supported by the right-wing party, both politically and financially, is behind the cyber attacks, and makes living abroad an ethnic Russian in a tool of its policy.»

«Together with allies, we must take effective steps to counteract it», — the document says.

Deputies from the CDU/CSU also warn against the serious consequences of Moscow’s policy. «The aggressive foreign policy of Russia again raised the threats on the Eastern borders of NATO,» the document says.

Violating the norms of international law the annexation of Crimea and military intervention in the Donbass, Russia «already at the end of the conflict between East and West for the second time, after the events in Georgia in 2008, attacked and occupied the territory of a sovereign state,» reports the publication.

Mention deputies, Russia’s actions aimed at intimidation, including large-scale military exercises, «training the purpose of which was the invasion of the Baltic States». According to legislators from the CDU/CSU, the Russian claim to the territory of the former USSR as a zone of influence. «This contradicts the foundations of international law concerning the sovereignty and territorial integrity,» they write.

Foreign policy actions are intended to distract attention from the growing internal problems, the document says.

Deputies from the CDU/CSU call on how to strengthen the defense capacity of the West and to expand opportunities for dialogue with Russia, in particular through regular meetings of the Council Russia-NATO at level of Ministers. Economic sanctions against Russia, writing to MPs can be withdrawn only when the Minsk agreement will be fulfilled «completely.»

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Rheinische Post. The CDU/CSU toughens policy toward Russia 29.11.2016

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