Reva promises to deal with high payment system for utility services

Large bills for heating are mainly residents of the capital, in cases of inflated figures is checked. About it on 20 January 2017, said Minister of social policy Andrei Reva during the hour of questions to government in Parliament on 20 January, responding to the leader of the radical Oleg Lyashko on a replica of unaffordable bills for the population.

«Today, 7 million 100 thousand of the 15 million households receive a subsidy for housing services. All the people who came under the program of housing subsidies, the space should not get» — quoted by «Ukrainian truth».

«As for those who receive such impressive accounts… We have analyzed this situation. Most of these cases relates to the city of Kiev. If the Ukrainian average more than 50% of households have access to grants, in Kiev due to certain objective reasons the income level is slightly higher. Here are a subsidy of 20%,» — said the Minister.

At the same time he reminded that the high-profile case about the payment 8 thousand for the house, which is a private firm that does not permit representatives of the «Kyivenergo» to their counters.

«The impression that the citizens pay not only their own heating in the rooms, but this commercial firm,» says Reva.

«These cases, unfortunately, occur. Each of them understand our officials and the Ministry of regional development, Kyiv city administration, Kyivenergo and all other stakeholders,» said the Minister.

Reva assured that each of these cases is the subject of careful consideration and promised to continue «over-react».

We will remind, in November, Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Kistion assured the citizens that the bills for heat with excessive high amounts was the result of an error and will be cleared.

In turn, the company «Kyivenergo» (owned by Rinat Akhmetov) problem with a sharp jump in the cost of heating is explained by the fact that many subscribers counter the heat.

In addition, the new 2017, the situation with payments of Kyiv residents for housing and communal services is much more complicated due to the fact that Ukrposhta stopped taking utility payments, and «Kyivenergo» in conflict with the Kyiv city state administration due to the attempts of the city authorities to implement a «single bills».

Reva promises to deal with high payment system for utility services 20.01.2017

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