Residents of the occupied territories will be able to marry one day

The Ministry of justice is developing a mechanism of simplified registration of marriage of persons who live in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass and Crimea, which it promptly will register in the registry office on the submitted application.

This was at the briefing on Thursday 16 June, stated the Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko, reports «UKRINFORM».

«We are working out the mechanism of simplified registration of marriage of persons who live in the temporarily occupied territories. In the Family code there are certain terms – 30 days from the date of application for registration of marriage. We have the idea to for those individuals who reside in the temporarily occupied territories, to ensure the marriage registration without delay at their request if they submit such a Declaration to any Registrar’s office throughout the territory of Ukraine, without any bureaucratic procedures stipulated by the current family law», — said Petrenko.

According to the Minister, the Ukrainian citizens residing in the temporarily occupied territories, is actively using the newly introduced possibility of obtaining a simplified procedure of Ukrainian documents about the identity of the child’s birth or death.

He said that for three months of action of the respective procedure took almost 6 thousand inhabitants of the occupied territories.

Petrenko noted that the international organizations that monitor human rights violations in the occupied territories, gave a positive opinion on the granting of appropriate legal documents.

«These documents, issued by the Ukrainian competent authorities are the only legitimate documents that are recognised throughout the world. No other documents of the so-called «LNR/DNR» or pseudoarcana the occupation authorities in the Crimea, not recognized by the world community», — said the official.

Petrenko reminded that the person who wants to receive the relevant documents, submits the application, the form of which is all, without exception, the Ukrainian registry offices in any Ukrainian court. An application for the registration of the birth of a child can apply not only the father or the mother is unable to make close relatives or even a representative who travels from the temporarily occupied territory of the documents. Attach any evidence of the fact of birth or death – photos, written evidence, witness statements. Ukrainian court, by law, must urgently consider such a thing, and on the basis of this decision, any Registrar shall issue a certificate of birth or death of a Ukrainian model.

According to Petrenko, over the past year of application for registration of fact of death was exempt from any court fees, there is a small category of payments are those decisions that relate to birth.

«The Ministry of justice considers that this category of cases considered by the courts, is a socially sensitive, and therefore, there is every reason to believe that the Ukrainian Parliament also introduced a benefit for these citizens and exempted them from payment of court fees. We will ask the Parliament to quickly consider this bill», — concluded the Minister.

As previously reported, the justice Ministry launched a new electronic system of registration of marriages.

Residents of the occupied territories will be able to marry one day 16.06.2016

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