Rescuers removed the injured from the summit tourist

Rescuers removed with a Small Hoverla tourist who was injured and could not move. The man injured his leg and could not come down from the top on their own. This is the website of gschs.

«In Service of rescue reported that during rest on mount Small Hoverla belongs to Yaremche town Council, the tourist from Kharkov injured his left lower extremity and cannot continue the movement,» — said in message.

For search and rescue work at 15:10 were involved rescuers of Vorokhta in the amount of 6 people and 1 unit of equipment. At 18:00 mountain rescue stretchers transported the victim to the tourist camp «Zaroslyak», where the victim in the car his friends were taken to Yaremche district Central hospital.

Earlier, the Georgian rescuers found on mount Ushba (to the North-West of Georgia) the body of a young climber — citizen of Ukraine.

Rescuers removed the injured from the summit tourist 03.01.2017

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