Rescuers called off the search for the Boeing 777 that went missing in 2014 in the Indian ocean

Rescuers have stopped the search operation in the area of the alleged crash of the Boeing 777 (flight MH370) of Malaysia Airlines, disappeared almost three years ago — in March 2014.

«Today (January 17) the last exploratory ship left the area underwater search in the southern Indian ocean, which was about 120 thousand square kilometers,» — said in the message of the Joint coordination centre search (JACC), established after the disaster by the authorities of the three countries — Australia, Malaysia and China.

The report notes that, «despite all the efforts, using the latest technology, modelling techniques and advice of highly qualified specialists, unfortunately, to locate the aircraft failed.» In this regard, the underwater search for MH370 «has been suspended».

The decision to suspend searches in the absence of new data was taken in July of 2016, representatives of the three aforementioned countries during a meeting at the Ministerial level in Malaysia.

The coordinators of the search operations thanked all the countries that «provide assistance and advice, starting with the first days after the horrible tragedy.» «We remain hopeful that the new information (about the plane) will be known and that in the future the plane will be found», — said in a statement.

Relatives of passengers of the missing Boeing called the decision on the termination of his quest is «irresponsible». In their opinion, the search should be continued, and their area expanded, follows from the official statement to the Twitter account of the international Association for Voice 370, which includes the families of the passengers and crew of the missing aircraft.

The plane Boeing 777 company Malaysia Airlines, carrying out flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing lost 8 March 2014. Onboard the airplane there were 239 people. It is assumed that the liner fell in the Indian ocean.

The search for wreckage of the missing vessels were the authorities in Australia, Malaysia and China. With the help of drones and sonar equipment placed on ships, rescuers investigated territory component 120 thousand square kilometers. During the search, were found several fragments, which, according to experts, could belong to the collapsed plane.

In November 2016, the Australian Bureau of transport safety (Australian Transport Safety Bureau, ATSB) presented the report on the investigation of the crash. It experts have confirmed the previously extended version of the uncontrolled crash into the ocean from a great height after he ran out of fuel.

Rescuers called off the search for the Boeing 777 that went missing in 2014 in the Indian ocean 17.01.2017

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