«Renaissance» has registered a petition in support of bill to increase benefits for child birth

On the website of the presidential Administration of Ukraine has registered a petition in support of bill No. 6063-d, which proposes to increase social benefits for families with children. The petition filed by the first Deputy Chairman of the party «Renaissance» Vladimir Pilipenko, the press service of political power.

«Every year us becomes 180 000 citizens less. It’s not just numbers – it means that every year in Ukraine are dying one small town. Such as Lubny, Pokrovsk or White Church. The list is long. But our officials refuse to understand it! And do not create any incentives to increase the birth rate in the country. On the contrary. Starting in 2014, the government abolished most of the social guarantees that were important for parents. «Frozen» and equalized payments for child birth. Deprived students of free food. Visor travel benefits,» said Pilipenko.

He recalled that in February 2017, the MPs of «Renaissance» has registered a bill that «proposes to significantly reform the field of social protection of families with children». First Deputy Chairman of the party urged the President to determine the bill as urgent to ensure a special consideration in the Verkhovna Rada.

«Bill No. 6063-d signed by the representatives of absolutely all the parliamentary factions and Deputy groups, received high praise from the Commissioner for the rights of the child. Six months together with our colleagues in Parliament have asked, demanded its inclusion in the agenda, and used all possible methods of parliamentary struggle. However, the leadership of the Parliament simply ignored our requests. So now is the last chance. We appeal to the President and request the President to determine this bill as urgent,» – said the politician.

Pilipenko also urged Ukrainians to support the petition (to appeal is considered, under it should subscribe not less than 25 thousand people for three months. «GORDON»).

«I appeal to each of you and please do not be indifferent. Sign the petition! After all, this bill we give the answer to what the future holds for our children and thus our nation. And we hope the President will hear us!» – he called.

Now in Ukraine the amount of assistance at birth is 41 280 UAH, of which 10.3 thousand paid immediately, over the next 36 months for 860 UAH. Bill No. 6063-d provided for increasing payments to 72.7 thousand at the birth of their first child, 79,9 thousand UAH for the second, 87 thousand UAH for the third and each subsequent child. Lump sum payments in this case will rise to 21.4 million, to 28.5 million and 35.7 million, respectively, monthly payments – up to 1426 UAH per month.


«Renaissance» has registered a petition in support of bill to increase benefits for child birth 30.08.2017

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