Released video night chase with police in Kiev

In the Internet appeared the video, which shows a fragment of a chase by patrol officers after the car BMW on the night of 7 February, which killed 17-the summer passenger of a foreign car. Video published on the page of Videoprobki channel in YouTube.

The footage shows how several crews of police chasing car on Shevchenko Boulevard. Then the chase continued along the Avenue of Victory and the Ring.

As reported, in Kyiv on the night of 7 February a patrol police during the prosecution of the violator of the rules of the road opened fire on the car, killing the passenger of this car.

According to the head of the patrol police of the capital Yuri Zozulia, a patrol acted lawfully and perform their duties — ensure the safety of citizens.

«Patrol began the pursuit in Solomenskiy district, through the Shevchenkovsky district to Goloseevo. During the movement of the car with the offenders did not react to any instructions of the patrol to stay or exit the car. The car driver violated traffic rules, endangering other citizens, also moved on an oncoming lane», — he noted.

Zozulya said that in / out of Victory Avenue patrol after several warnings, opened fire. The driver of the BMW did not respond. Patrol, in accordance with article 46 of the law on Netpolice, opened fire at the wheels. In General, the pursuit lasted about 40 minutes, with the perpetrators pursued two patrols.

He also added that the offenders running from police, hit one patrol.

«On Zabolotny street, where due to the damage to the car left the road, two passengers got out with his hands up and surrendered, the driver tried to escape. He was caught and arrested. Then, in the car found a fourth person who was injured. Provided first aid within 10 minutes, but the victim died from her injuries,» — said the head of the Metropolitan police patrol.

The Moscow Prosecutor’s office in criminal proceedings will check the legality of actions of employees of the Department of patrol police of the Main Directorate of the National police in Kiev who used firearms.

Released video night chase with police in Kiev 10.02.2016

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