Relatives of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes demand to punish judges

Families of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred and victims of Maidan appealed to the President Peter Poroshenko, the Chairman of Parliament and the leadership of the judiciary concerning the punishment of judges, transfers «Ukrainian truth».

The families of the victims and survivors declare that for 2 years in the court system no cleansing happened.

«Dismissed, only 7 of the more than 330 judges, who made an unfair judgment of Euromaidan. No one prosecuted. Most of these judges continues to «administer justice», — the statement reads.

It also States that heads of courts, which handed out instructions, above suspicion.

«Taken to its extreme, for example, the judge Linnik A. P, which has been taken for the trip to Mezhyhirya, is considering a criminal case against a judge of Kizuka V. P., who brought a similar decision. In Kiev there is not a single court, which would not have worked as the judge involved in the persecution of activists. Is it possible the confidence of such courts and processes?», — ask a rhetorical question in the letter.

In their opinion, all of the highest judicial authorities openly oppose the punishment of perpetrators.

The address expresses indignation at the position of the Council of judges of Ukraine, which is «actually organized a systematic opposition to the investigation of criminal cases against judges».

Families of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred and victims of Maidan demand to punish the judges made an unfair decision against Euromaidan activists.

«We do not ask, but demand that the recipients of this letter to take immediate steps to ensure that judges who rendered an unfair judgment, as well as those who gave the judges instructions, they were punished, and implemented those requirements, and the ideals for which gave their lives the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and sacrificed the health of hundreds of wounded,» the statement says.

A letter signed by families of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes is addressed to all judges of Ukraine, the President, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, the High Council of justice and the Council of judges of Ukraine.

We will note, on 20 February in many cities of Ukraine people came to the popular Assembly and marches to the memory of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred.

February 18, 2014 as a result of the «peace offensive» of the Maidan to the Parliament escalated a conflict between protesters and security forces. Street fighting the authorities used as a pretext for Stripping Khreschatyk and adjacent streets in the evening of the same day.

On 20 February there was another surge of violent confrontation. The power to suppress protest using snipers. The protesters also used weapons.

During the mass protests on independence square in Kiev on 18-20 February killed more than 100 people. Victims activists called the Heavenly hundred, and the events, called Euromaidan, ended with a change of government.

Relatives of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes demand to punish judges 23.02.2016

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