Relatives and friends of the Heavenly hundred heroes are asked Ukrainians not to sell votes

Some relatives of the Heavenly Hundred heroes appealed to Ukrainians with an appeal not to sell their votes in the elections to local authorities, which will be held on October 25. The corresponding video address was published by the «Centre of social projects «Want to live».

«Expire the second year after the Maidan’s victory, but such shameful phenomenon as bribery of voters and remain on part of the political reality of our country», – noted in the Center.

The father of the hero Golodnuk Ustym Golodniuk Vladimir expressed his hope that his son and other young men who died on the Euromaidan, remember simple boys.

«They were ordinary people who became heroes of the heart, at the call of the soul. And I’d like to know these ordinary boys, they were in school, maybe somewhere and once misbehaved. But in their heart was Ukraine, the heart was love, and therefore so easily, without hesitation, gave his life for her», said Golodniuk.

The wife of the hero of Sergei Stanislavsdidičs Galina Stanislavsdidičs urged voters not to sell their children’s future in the elections.

«I would like everyone to choose, not prodavali. I understand that all may not be the same sympathy. But if this is the price we have paid for their state, so that everyone can perceive themselves as responsible citizen so that he would not sell. So he didn’t sell the future of their children,» said the Stanislavsdidičs.

The father of the hero of the Novel by Gorica Igor Gurich convinced that Ukraine can become a strong state.

«If we think ahead, how will we live tomorrow, our Ukraine will be the strongest, most powerful, and the government, which even can lead the whole world, all our Land, who we are and what is created», – said Guric.

Earlier, famous Ukrainian showman Serhiy Prytula has recorded a video message for the youth with the call to come to the polls.

Recall that local elections will be held on Sunday, October 25.

On 14 July, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the new law on local elections should be by proportional representation, rural councils — by the majority system. The law excludes the participation of political blocs.

Elections are not held in the annexed Crimea and the Ukrainian authorities uncontrolled part of Donbass.

Relatives and friends of the Heavenly hundred heroes are asked Ukrainians not to sell votes 23.10.2015

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