Rebels of Colombia have announced the demobilization of children under 15 years

The government of Colombia and the Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC) on Sunday, may 15, agreed to step «road map» concerning the demobilization of the insurgent compounds all children under the age of 15 years and their return to civilian life. Negotiations on this subject were held in Havana, where both sides have a few months of trying to reach a peace agreement, reports

According to El Mundo, in the future, from partisan camps would be removed person under the age of 18 years. The agreement provides for a program of adaptation of young militants to civilian life.

All children leaving the ranks of the rebels, will be considered victims of the conflict. Ex-guerrillas under the age of 14 will be able to avoid criminal liability, and former members of the FARC at the age from 14 till 18 years will be able to count on Amnesty.

In the published documents is not specified, how many children and adolescents will relate to the agreement. Earlier, the chief FARC negotiator Ivan Marquez said that in the last two years in the camps of the revolutionaries were 21 children under the age of 15 years.

In turn, the negotiator from the official of bogotá , Humberto de La Calle said the rebels have pledged to provide all necessary information to identify and locate children who are still in camps. He recalled that in the adaption of children to civilian life will involve UNICEF and the international organization for migration. The government of Colombia has committed for 30 days to provide proposals for discussion in the comprehensive program of adaptation of minors FARC members and protection of their rights.

«Agreeing on a peace agreement, we must ensure that young people and children the opportunity to meet with their families, attend school, enjoy their childhood and youth and never to be used as tools of war,» said Calle.

As reminds Reuters, the rebels were accused of the forced conscription of adolescents, particularly in remote rural areas. It was reported that children are used as messengers, informants, cooks and porters. It was also reported that these children are trained to handle the manual of small arms, grenade launchers and mortars, and improvised mines.

The Colombian government previously claimed that the FARC use child fighters as cannon fodder. The FARC claim that it is not recruited children under 15 years of age, but note that many orphans came to the camps themselves, left without family and means of livelihood.

At the signing ceremony of the agreement was attended by Leila Zerrougui, the special representative of the UN Secretary General on children involved in armed conflict. With the signing of this agreement the parties acknowledge that the people of Colombia cares about the welfare of their children and Teens, and considers them in need of protection.

The Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos called on Twitter signed in Havana the agreement «historic.» «We will return children recruited by the FARC, the families, they were a peaceful future of our country», — he wrote.

According to the Russian TASS, the representative of the Revolutionary armed forces, commenting on the signing of the document, drew public attention to the plight of the protection of children’s rights in the country as a whole. He expressed hope that the agreement will attract the attention of Colombians to this problem.

In the opinion of the representative of the rebels, the biggest problem of the country in the field of rights of children and adolescents is not the presence of minors in the camps of the rebels and what is happening in the so-called Bronx in Bogota — the district ruled by crime and violence. He also recalled that since 2012 in the Department of La Guajira in Northern Colombia died of starvation 12 thousand children under the age of five years.

The revolutionary armed forces of Colombia were organized in 1964 as a rebel movement against the deprivation of the peasants of the land in favor of the landowners. The government has repeatedly accused the rebels in the production and distribution of drugs, however, the FARC has consistently rejected the allegations. The US state Department and the European Union consider the rebels terrorists. For half a century of conflict in the country killed more than 220 thousand people.

Rebels of Colombia have announced the demobilization of children under 15 years 16.05.2016

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