«Real space». Media found «the mansion of Yanukovych» in Moscow

Journalists of the «Country» went to suburban village Bakovka to communicate with the fugitive ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, but to meet him failed.

The publication notes that the village is a 20-minute drive from Moscow and is considered elite.

At the entrance to Bakovka stationed a military facility – 1st guards tank red banner army, and a little bit further and training base of FC «Lomakoti». In Bakovka no gipermarketov or small shops.

Local residents told the newspaper that Yanukovych probably living in the village at ulitsa Lesnaya, 21A. From giving of the Deputy of the state Duma of Russia Iosif Kobzon mansion of the fugitive Ukrainian President separates one fence.

The «country» notes that «cottage of the Deputy of the state Duma – a very decent», while giving Yanukovich a «true space».

Over the fence, which at a height of four meters, there is almost nothing, writes the edition. You can see only the window of the attic floor, which for security reasons is protected with a clear bulletproof wall.

A small sign informs visitors that the house is guarded by a state-owned enterprise «Okhrana» of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia.

The journalists had not been opened.

The villagers also told the newspaper to contact the local temple, as Yanukovych is likely to be his parishioner.

However, the temple servants and guards to the corresponding question answered evasively: «we Have many different parishioners, and benefactors much. Those who make generous donations, enter the Golden letters. You can go read the names. But increasingly, people from commemorative inscriptions refuse, they do not need it».

The names of Yanukovych among the names of benefactors was not.

The publication also notes that houses with land are sold at $2-5 million

25 Aug Kobzon said that the fugitive President of Ukraine lives next door to him – in the village Bakovka, Odintsovskiy district of the Moscow region, and his house is guarded by «relevant authorities».

The lawyer of fugitive ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych Vitaliy Serdyuk said that his client actually lives in Rostov-on-don and not in Moscow.

Yanukovych was President of Ukraine from February 25, 2010. 22 Feb 2014 after three months of protests on Maidan, the Verkhovna Rada recognized it withdrew from performing their duties, after which he was declared new presidential elections. In February 2014 Yanukovych left Ukraine with his family now he lives in Russia.

Photo: strana.ua

«Real space». Media found «the mansion of Yanukovych» in Moscow 28.08.2017

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