Rating: the happiest Europeans — Scandinavians, more moaning of all – the Italians and the Greeks

The majority of Europeans living in cities, particularly in Scandinavia, are happy with their lives, while the residents of Istanbul, Palermo and Athens feel the disappointment. This is evidenced by the survey conducted by the European Commission with the participation of 40 thousand Europeans from 79 cities of the continent, reports The Telegraph.

Among people living in European cities, there are many differences according to the level of life satisfaction from happy to unhappy Scandinavia to South-Eastern Europe.

Among the items on which he viewed his life the inhabitants of European cities, were health, transport, safety, urban pollution, and immigration.

According to the survey, the happiest are the residents of Oslo, Zurich, Aalborg, Vilnius and Belfast. The most unhappy residents of Istanbul, Palermo and Athens.

In the report the EC States that satisfaction with place of residence in humans is correlated with feeling of security. So, three quarters of the inhabitants of European cities said that they feel safe. Feel vulnerable residents of Marseille, Istanbul and Athens.

It is noted that employment is one of the key criteria of satisfaction with standard of living.

So, the only 14 inhabitants of all the cities where the survey was conducted, believe that it is easy to find work — most agree with it in Prague, Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and Munich.

«Some of the findings give a positive picture of our European cities and demonstrate improvement in their condition,» said the European Commissioner for regional policy Corina creţu.

She gave the example of Budapest and Krakow, where the number of citizens satisfied with local public transport has increased by 20%.

However, she says, other data indicate ongoing problems. For example, the ability to find decent housing at a reasonable price is the most acute problem in the capitals. Only in one city out of five people recognise that it is easy to find work in the city.

Recall that in 2015 Ukraine occupies 111th place in the world happiness index.

Rating: the happiest Europeans — Scandinavians, more moaning of all – the Italians and the Greeks 05.02.2016

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