Radical leftist group ELN resumed fighting in Colombia

Colombian leftist group, «national liberation Army» (ELN) January 10, resumed fighting after the deadline for an agreement with the government of the truce. This was reported by Reuters.

The rebels blew up the second largest pipeline of Colombia Cano Limon and attacked the naval base of Arauca, where they killed one and wounded two soldiers.

The government of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is trying to stop the military confrontation that has lasted for 53 years. In October 2017 with ELN rebels agreed to a temporary truce lasting 101 days.

The militants have repeatedly detained foreigners for ransom. In September, the citizen of the Russian Federation Arsen Voskanyan was killed while trying to escape from captivity.

In 2016, the cease-fire was signed by the largest rebel group of Colombia – the FARC.

Radical leftist group ELN resumed fighting in Colombia 11.01.2018

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