Rada withdrew Yegor Sobolev as head of the anti-corruption Committee

The Verkhovna Rada at its evening meeting on 7 December adopted the draft resolution No. 7368, who were called the people’s Deputy from «Samopomich» Yegor Sobolev as the head of the parliamentary Committee on preventing and combating corruption, the correspondent of «GORDON».

For a decision voted 256 deputies.

One of the initiators of the draft resolution, the people’s Deputy from Petro Poroshenko Bloc Ivan Melnychuk said that the Committee on prevention of corruption «has ceased to be the Committee who are actually engaged in the fight against corruption».

«It (the Committee. – «GORDON») began under the leadership of Yegor Viktorovich, over the past two years, to be the Committee, who falsely labeled, which allows to address the Committee only to those deputies that are beneficial for the performance of the Chairman of the Committee. Not put in the agenda the matters which are made by the members of the Committee, the people’s deputies. When arriving to our Committee of MPs who want to Express their opinion on a particular issue, they are not allowed to speak,» he said.

Sobolev in his speech thanked the Parliament for what he was entrusted to lead the anti-corruption Committee. He stressed that his life was not more important, difficult and responsible work.

According to Sobolev, the time will come when every member antikorruptsionera Committee «be proud of the fact that he worked in this Committee in this convocation, because we created the legislation which, I hope, will have fundamental consequences for Ukraine».

«The reason for my dismissal is very simple, and I’m very proud. The reason of my release is that we have adopted laws began, perhaps for the first time in the history of Ukraine, to work for us. We ourselves were the first to implement them. People’s deputies of Ukraine began to fill in the electronic Declaration», – he said.

Sobolev added that the leadership of the state, the President of Ukraine, the leaders of key political forces «no longer feel untouchable, no longer feel above the law.»

«And this is the main reason of my dismissal. As for violations, all meetings of this Committee were open, all the transcripts published. Every citizen can learn what was on them», – said the Chairman anti-corruption Committee.

He said that he was one of my colleagues on the Committee complained.

«I will say more, all my colleagues on the Committee, in private conversations they say: «You understand, we are not against you, you’re a good man, so…» – said Sobolev.

December 6 people’s deputies of Ukraine from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko, «popular front» and «Renaissance» initiated resignation Sobolev and recognised its work unsatisfactory.

According to the law «On committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine», the head of the Committee can elect or remove the people’s deputies voted for the corresponding resolution.

The head of the Committee may be recalled from office at his request or in case of unsatisfactory work on the post, as well as for other reasons which preclude his further stay in office.

Sobolev headed the anti-corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada in December 2014.

Rada withdrew Yegor Sobolev as head of the anti-corruption Committee 07.12.2017

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