Rada made the first step towards the establishment of the national Council of science and technology

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine today, on 10 November, adopted in first reading a government draft Law on scientific and scientific-technical activities (No. a). For this decision voted 290 deputies out of 373 registered in the session hall.

Presenting in the Parliament the bill, the Minister of education Serhiy Kvit noted that the funding of science in Ukraine is very limited.

«Spending on science amount to 4.2 billion UAH, that is less than 200 thousand dollars — 0.25% of GDP. To compare the means of one malenkogo University in Europe on science more than in all of Ukraine. In Poland (on science spending – ed.) is $ 5 billion, in Russia — to 20 billion, in China — 80, US — 350,» said Kvit.

In his words, Ukraine actually do not Fund scientific research, and allocate funds to support the vital functions of the system.

«We offer to Finance all research of the same Fund, National research Foundation, we propose to create the national Council of Ukraine on development of science and technology,» he said.

As noted by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on science and education Lilia Hrynevych, the bill was adopted with certain provisions thereto three alternative draft laws.

The bill is set out in a new wording the Law «About scientific and scientific-technical activities». In particular, it is about improvement of terms used in the field of scientific and scientific-technical activities; legal regulation of labor relations with researchers; the legal status and empowerment of academic institutions; the introduction of new organizational forms and infrastructures of scientific and scientific-technical activities; social protection of scientific workers; the support of young scientists; financing of scientific sphere, in particular by extending the system of grant financing of scientific and scientific-technical projects.

The document envisages to introduce the concept of «scientific unit». Moreover, it introduces a number of new provisions that will provide an opportunity for research institutions by agreement with the owner (s) to enter other associations of legal entities with maintaining legal entity status and financial autonomy to perform its statutory tasks, noted in the explanatory Memorandum.

The draft law also introduces a provision by which public research institutions and public universities, academies, institutions are granted the right to be the founders of economic societies for the purpose of use of objects of intellectual property rights.

Among other things, the bill provides the right to form structural units (laboratories) carrying out scientific and scientific-technical activity on the basis of this research institution or educational institution with regard to educational programs and research topics.

Also legally regulated the creation of such element of the infrastructure of scientific and scientific-technical activities as the center for collective use of scientific equipment.

The proposed regulations also create a legal basis for the introduction of new organizational forms of implementation of scientific research — State key laboratory for the relevant field of research and scientific and technical developments.

With the aim of eliminating «financial discrimination» branch of science in comparison with budgetary scientific institutions the bill provides for the transfer of cargo financing of additional payments for scientific pensions from state non-budgetary and non-state scientific institutions and universities on the state budget and the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

As noted in the explanatory note to the draft law delineated two directions of budgetary financing of the scientific sphere: for the core activities of public research institutions, which are financed from the state budget, and research of higher education institutions; to perform individual scientific and technical programmes and projects on a competitive basis.

In addition, the draft law stipulates that the financing of core activities of the public scientific institutions, financed from the state budget, and research of higher educational institutions is carried out within the expenses provided for in their estimate appointments for these purposes, and the individual scientific and technical programmes, projects and grants on a contractual basis, with competitive selection based on scientific and scientific and technical expertise or procurement procedure in accordance with the law.

Also, the bill provides for the establishment of the National research Foundation of Ukraine, the main function of which will be grant support for scientific research and development, the development of material and technical base of scientific research and development, high level of organization and holding of conferences, symposia and other communicative activities, training of researchers, including abroad, the popularization of science.

The Fund will be able to provide individual, collective and institutional grants.

In addition, the document provides for the establishment of the National Council of Ukraine on development of science and technology.

«The creation of such a Council as constantly operating Advisory body under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to ensure efficient interaction between representatives of scientific community, authorities and real sector of economy», — stated in the explanatory Memorandum.

We will remind, in April the Rada resumed the payment of pensions to working scientists.

Rada made the first step towards the establishment of the national Council of science and technology 10.11.2015

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