Rada failed to adopt the agenda for the current plenary week. Paruby said about the imminent update CEC

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine after several attempts of vote and are unable to adopt an agenda for the upcoming plenary week 7-10 February, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

Paruby said about the imminent update CEC

On Tuesday, MPs voted for a week-long agenda of 4 times, but never this question is not scored the minimum required number of votes (226 votes).

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Parubiy explained that it puts to the vote the agenda for the week as the agenda for the 6th session is not ready, as «the 7 committees have submitted proposals».

Parubiy noted that «without the approval of the agenda we can’t any question be put on consideration.» At the same time, the speaker added that the Parliament can consider bills, proposals of the President of Ukraine.

The deputies proceeded to the consideration of bill No. 2009a «On the assessment of the impact on the environment» with the President’s proposals.

Paruby said about the imminent update CEC

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy I am sure that soon BP will be able to update the composition of the Central election Commission. He stated this during the opening of the sixth session of the Parliament, reports «Ukrainian Truth».

«It is important for us in the near future to update the composition of the CEC. After much discussion, I believe that in the near future we will discuss this question and decide», — said the speaker.

According to him, the level of distrust in the Verkhovna Rada today is critical, and this is a big problem. Parubiy believes this for two reasons: the low turnout at meetings of the deputies and their political enmity, which leads to destabilization of the Parliament.

«Neither I nor anyone in this room can explain to the millions of Ukrainians, why on a work day no MPs at work,» he said, adding that it’s especially a shame for the Parliament of a country at war. The speaker expressed confidence that in this session the deputies will be able to demonstrate a high level of responsibility.

It should be noted that at the meeting on Tuesday in the hall registered 365 deputies.

«The second reason is an attempt to destabilize the Parliament by internal political strife. Today we can firmly state: the plan aimed at the destabilization and paralysis of the main legislative body of the country failed,» — said paruby.

The speaker said that another important issue for Parliament this session – the approximation of legislation concerning safety of Ukraine to NATO standards. «One of our priorities is to harmonize NATO and Ukraine, and I support the initiative regarding the referendum on joining the Alliance», — said Chairman of BP.

Also during his speech Parubiy thanked the Ukrainian military for the protection of the Town and urged the Parliament to commemorate the victims of the men out there a minute of silence.

We will remind, 12 of the 15 members of the CEC, seven-year term expired on June 1, 2014, but they continue to perform their duties on the basis of changes in the law of Ukraine «On Central election Commission», which was amended in March 2014 to ensure continuity of the election process during the presidential election campaign.

According to the Constitution of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada appoints and dismisses the members of the Central electoral Commission on the recommendation of the President.

Rada failed to adopt the agenda for the current plenary week. Paruby said about the imminent update CEC 07.02.2017

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