Rada dismissed the head of the Finance Committee Fishing

Parliament withdrew the people’s Deputy Serhiy Rybalka as head of the parliamentary Committee on financial policy and banking activity, the correspondent of the edition «GORDON».

For the corresponding resolution No. 3119 voted 255 deputies in the required 226.

The consideration of this question at the evening session of the Parliament was initiated by the head of fraction of Radical party Oleg Lyashko.

In April media reported that a leading company of the family business of Fishing through a network of offshore companies owns the plant in Lipetsk for the production of snacks and nuts.

According to the electronic income Declaration for the year 2016 the people’s Deputy Serhiy Rybalka in the form of royalties from the activities of the family of the company «Snack Export» has received almost 8 million UAH (in the beginning the MP has made a Declaration almost 5.9 million UAH royalty, but in April dropped nearly 2 million UAH).

July 4 the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko has said that investigators of the GPU check the information about the activities of Russian firms that are related to Fishing.

The management of the Corporation S. Group, which includes LLC «Snack-Export», said that does not own the property, corporate rights, and has no relationship to the assets on the territory of the Russian Federation.

5 Oct S. Group stated in the press that the security forces are going to soon to accuse the group of supporting terrorism.

Corporation S. Group including several companies that produce and distribute more than 25 countries crackers, croutons, chips and sunflower seeds under the brands Semki, Snekkin and «Kozatska Slava».

Himself Fishing on October 17 said about the political pressure from the SBU, associating it with the political activity.

Rada dismissed the head of the Finance Committee Fishing 09.11.2017

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