Rada appealed to the EU on the risks of the construction of transit gas pipelines to bypass Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decided to appeal to the parliaments and Executive authorities of the member States of the European Union in the issues of strengthening cooperation in the field of energy security and the potential risks of construction projects of transit gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine (No. 5329).

According to UNIAN, for this decision voted 264 deputies out of 359 registered in the session hall.

Putin says the cold winter, Ukraine is stealing Russian gas

As noted in his speech, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on foreign Affairs Hanna hopko, a resolution was adopted subject to the amendments that have been distributed to MPs for examination. Voiced but they were not.

The appeal of the Parliament stated that despite the military aggression from the Russian Federation, Ukraine remains a reliable partner in the issue of transportation of natural gas in the European Union.

Among other things, the Ukrainian Parliament confirmed the willingness to further reform the energy sector and coordinated action to achieve greater coherence of energy policies between Ukraine and member States of the EU.

However, the Parliament expresses deep concern in connection with intentions to build transit pipelines to bypass Ukraine and considers that the implementation of projects for the construction of transit pipelines bypassing Ukraine, as well as providing additional opportunities OAO «Gazprom» to increase volumes of gas supplies through existing pipelines, in particular, contradicts the strategy of energy security of the EU, which is to diversify sources and routes of energy supply; threatens the energy security of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, which depend on gas supply from one source; it deprives the EU of a real competition and hinder the creation of an effective energy Union in Europe.

In addition, emphasizes the Ukrainian Parliament, the construction of gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine threatens the continued use of Ukraine’s gas transportation system for gas supplies to Europe and the existence of a route Yamal — Europe through Poland. BP also believes it is aimed at the destruction of the possibility of creating a liquid and interconnected gas market in the Energy community and enterprises of the gas markets of Central, Eastern and southern Europe to the market of the Energy community.

The Ukrainian Parliament stresses that it is also inconsistent with the purpose and principles of the Energy community, the requirements of the Third energy package in terms of division of responsibilities for transportation and delivery of natural gas, and providing the ability to grant access to third parties.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine notes that the construction of gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine is politically motivated.

«His only aim is to promote the geopolitical goals of the Russian Federation the weakening of Ukraine and destabilization of the entire region,» the statement says.

The Verkhovna Rada calls on the European Parliament, the European Commission, national parliaments and member States of the EU to support Ukraine in the implementation of energy reforms in accordance with international obligations, harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with EU legislation and the integration of energy markets of Ukraine in the market of the European energy community.

Also, the Ukrainian Parliament urged to join the joint modernization and exploitation of Ukraine’s gas transportation system with the aim of maximum load and the joint ensure smooth and secure transport on the territory of Ukraine and supplies of natural gas to member States of the European Union; to respect the principle of solidarity and to prevent the implementation of politically motivated projects to build pipelines bypassing Ukraine, which is contrary to the Energy strategy of the EU on the diversification of sources of supply, but also threatens the energy security of the EU and Ukraine.

In addition, the Council encourages to promote the implementation of international agreements and intra-European strategic documents in the area of strengthening energy security and improving cooperation in the energy sphere between the EU and Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that the European Commission has provided the Russian company Gazprom greater access to the OPAL gas pipeline and this will allow Russia to pump more gas to Europe bypassing Ukraine.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry said that the EU had violated the agreement on Association with Ukraine, giving the OPAL the Russian Federation.

Putin says the cold winter, Ukraine is stealing Russian gas

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said about the «risks» unauthorized selection of the Ukraine of the Russian gas supplied to Europe. He said this during a telephone conversation with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, the press service of the Kremlin.

In the Kremlin press service reported that during the conversation the sides discussed situation around Russian gas transit to European consumers via Ukraine.

«Putin drew attention to the fact that in connection with the forecasters predicted cold winter could increase the risk of unauthorized siphoning the Ukrainian side of the Russian gas supply to Europe in accordance with existing contracts», — stated in the message.

November 12, Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak also said the risks of gas transit through Ukraine this winter.

Earlier, the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini stated that the EU continues to believe that it is strategically important to maintain the role of Ukraine as the country through which the transit of gas.

Recall Ukraine from November 2015 buys gas from the Russian monopoly «Gazprom».

20 Oct 2016 commercial Director of «Naftogaz of Ukraine» Yuriy Vitrenko said that the possibility of gas purchases from Russia during the heating season 2016-2017 extreme option, which will not have to resort. Earlier in June, he said that Ukraine will buy natural gas from the Russian gas monopoly «Gazprom» at the price of 177 USD. per 1 thousand cubic meters, as this cost is too high and Russian gas is still more expensive in Europe.

Note, as reported by the Ministry of energy and coal industry, natural gas production in Ukraine in January-July of 2016 increased by 1.7% (of 200.2 million cubic meters) compared with the same period of 2015 — up to 11 billion 672,2 million cubic metres of which is under international sanctions, the Russian «Gazprom» actually reduces the prey to a historic low.

In the beginning of September 2016, «Gazprom» appealed to the «Naftogaz of Ukraine» with a request to provide 20% more gas transit, is spoken in the message «Naftogaz».

Rada appealed to the EU on the risks of the construction of transit gas pipelines to bypass Ukraine 15.11.2016

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