Rada adopted the law on the implementation of the electronic ticket in public transport

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law «On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding the implementation of the automated accounting system of payment of journey in city passenger transport».

The adoption of the document No. 4121 on second reading and in General voted 265 deputies on Tuesday, January 17, reports .

It was noted earlier that the current system of payment and monitoring of travel in the urban passenger transport is outdated, has many disadvantages: in itself, the use of paper tickets (often missing) does not give the possibility to control the actual passenger flow on public transport routes and, consequently, the circulation of cash leads to a decrease in the level of safety of transportation of passengers.

It is expected that the introduction of an automated accounting system of fare collection will provide many economic benefits. Electronic records of passenger traffic on public transport routes will allow to assess the real cash flow and, consequently, to assess the validity of tariffs for transportation and the ability to upgrade the fleet of the carrier. In addition, the system will provide a convenient, fast payment and monitoring of travel and also reduce the time delay of public transport at stops. It will also allow to implement a variety of flexible tariff system.

In addition, it is proposed to determine the timing of input of the automated system of fare payment and e-ticket, to grant powers to local authorities to implement automated accounting systems fare in city passenger transport irrespective of their form of ownership and to determine the order in which they are functioning, and to approve rules of use of urban passenger transport; to establish the obligation of ensuring of privileged people with electronic tickets to the settlements where we have introduced the automated system of fare payment; establish the obligation for passengers to register their travel documents in the settlements where we have introduced the automated system of fare collection and administrative responsibility for its failure.

Among other things, the adoption of this document as stated in the explanatory Memorandum, facilitate effective planning of routes and schedules of passenger traffic, growth of economic indicators of transport enterprises by using the collected in the system to implement and support flexible system of tariffs, reduction of operating expenses of carriers on the organization and control of travel payment, transparency of payments to carriers, including on reimbursement of expenses for the transportation of passengers of preferential categories, to improve the profitability of transport companies and rolling stock, as well as improving road safety.

Implementation of legislative act does not require additional mandatory costs from the state budget. The proposed changes include granting the right of local governments to independently implement a computerized accounting system of fare collection in urban masstransport, identify funding sources, plan the related costs.

Previously the acting Deputy mayor of the Dnieper, Advisor to the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Jaanika Merilo , has noted that the introduction of a single electronic travel document could cost Ukrainian cities in the amount of 10-15 million euros.

Rada adopted the law on the implementation of the electronic ticket in public transport 18.01.2017

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