Rada adopted the draft law on the constitutional Court

July 13, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the second reading the bill No. 6427-d on the constitutional Court. It is reported by the correspondent of the edition «GORDON».

The bill was supported by 245 people’s deputies.

The bill provides for a change in the structure, the powers of the constitutional Court, as well as establishing procedures for consideration of a constitutional complaint.

It is also proposed to provide for competitive procedure for the selection of candidates for the post of judge of the constitutional Court.

Under the bill, the CCU will operate in six boards, two chambers and the Grand chamber.

In addition, the court will have the right to issue interim orders to stop any legislation, the constitutionality of which is disputed.

This introduces the responsibility for non execution of decisions of the CCU.

Also, the bill proposes to substantially increase the salaries of the judges of the CCU is up to 75 times the subsistence minimum (about 120 thousand UAH).

The judge of the constitutional court in retirement will receive a lifetime allowance equal to 50% of salary – about 60 thousand hryvnias.

Rada adopted the draft law on the constitutional Court 13.07.2017

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