Rabinowitz: It really is «revolutionary» step – a million pensioners will receive a plus 62 UAH

Ukrainian pensioners will welcome the increase to pension in the amount of UAH 62 only because the government has driven people into poverty. The opinion in the author’s program «who is Who Rabinowitz» on the TV channel «112 Ukraine» stated people’s Deputy, the party leader «For life» Vadim Rabinovich.

«In the summer within the index Ukrainian pensioners «get rich» 62 UAH. The government intends in the summer to raise pensions from 1373 to 1435 UAH, and in December 1497 to UAH. What do you say? It is really a «revolutionary» step, people will step in the next Millennium», – the politician noted.

«By simple mathematical operations it is possible to calculate that thanks to their «innovative approach» in transformation of pension system of the person who 35 years to pay pension contributions from the salary of 6 thousand UAH, in result, will receive a pension of 1,600 hryvnia. If the Ukrainians receive the minimum wage, he will be able to rely on the minimum pension. Prior to the adoption of «pension reform» one year of service in calculating the pension was estimated at 1.35% of estimated earnings, now – 1%. And they call this «revolution» and «pension reform», – said the Deputy.

He added that inflation in Ukraine is significantly ahead of the growth of social standards. While politicians and officials prefer to keep silent about its actual size.

«Inflation – a measure that indicates how prices have risen. What previously could be bought for 78 UAH, in the year 2017 has become possible to buy already for 100 UAH. Meanwhile, the Cabinet enhances retirement at only 62 UAH», – said Rabinovich.

He also noted that giving out their actions for reform, «the government of Ukraine actually impoverishes and kills its own people.»

Rabinowitz: It really is «revolutionary» step – a million pensioners will receive a plus 62 UAH 29.03.2018

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