Rabinovich said that the gas price hike agreed with the government Lyovochkin and Boyko

The money which the population pays for gas, gets the leadership of the Opposition bloc the people’s deputies Serhiy Lyovochkin and Yuriy Boyko and Firtash businessman, because they are the owners of virtually all gases in the country, said the MP, leader of the political party «For life» Vadym Rabinovich on air of the author program «someone Who Rabinovich» on TV channel «112 Ukraine».

So the politician commented on the news that April is preparing a new increase in gas prices.

«The gas price hike is a disaster and a crime against the people of Ukraine. I don’t know where they are going to raise the price of gas. They believe that people pay so much? But all is not so simple. You probably think that the international monetary Fund or someone else benefits from this price increase. No. Almost all gas companies in the country own Lyovochkin, Boyko and Firtash. 28 companies gas suppliers have these three comrades. Five regional gas companies belong to three other people. But mostly everyone who pays for gas at higher prices, you know that your money is in agreement with the power going into the pockets of Lyovochkin and Boyko. Let them sue me if I’m telling the truth!» – said Rabinovich.

The MP believes that the price increase they sought, and added that he does not understand how Levochkin and Firtash became the owners of regional gas companies.

«That Lyovochkin and Boyko have now managed to achieve in the country raised the price of gas. Here it is necessary to struggle! How not working ever in my life in business Levochkin were owned regional gas companies? How the Ministers who were in government, were the owners of regional gas companies? They come to power and begin to rape the country, to suck out her juices,» – said the politician.

Rabinovich said that on TV channel «inter», which belongs to Levochkin, daily show reports on the Rabinovich – since, as he told about the arrest of real estate Levochkina in France.

«I each day report on Ukrainian TV channel «inter» about me off the news for 10-15 minutes. I’m asked all the time what they said about me. And I’m very proud of themselves because they can’t find me, that I stole from the state. Let me tell you the difference between me and them. I have since 1993 worked in business and can afford it (although nothing really allow) to go to the restaurant or to go somewhere in Europe. They, the parasites, had never worked a day in business, for example, Levochkin. No. And his sister owns 130 offshore companies, a Villa on cap Ferrat, and more than the unknown. And when I got their Villa, they went crazy from the horror. You know why? Because they understand that all can not buy. If they think they can shut the mouth, they are sadly mistaken,» said he.

The MP believes that the government must find the money not the population, and those who stole them.

«Instead of continuing to choke people, we have to get money from its economy, attract investment funds and to take them from those who stole them. I was able to arrest in France Villa Levochkina 2 billion And there Levochkina we have hundreds. And here you have the content of the budget. Two days ago Rybachuk made a sensational statement. He said that he was told Lutsenko that the Maidan was fully financed by Levochkin (former Deputy Prime Minister Oleh Rybachuk said about this conversation with the current attorney General Yuri Lutsenko in the program «BATMAN». – «GORDON»). Tell me, should law enforcement at least to verify this information? But no one really care. We drive like a goat by the nose all the time the same puppeteers. The four presidents of Ukraine back conditionally, stood the figure that this Levochkin. And we suffer. From every pocket of the Ukrainians, he took the money to their cap-Ferrat. I thought about the earnings of their families – every Ukrainian they took $ 1,240! And security forces are silent, nothing is happening, all right, all right, no problems,» concluded Rabinowitz.


Rabinovich said that the gas price hike agreed with the government Lyovochkin and Boyko 27.02.2018

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