Rabinovich said that after Shufrych from the Opposition bloc will emerge and other members

The parliamentary faction of the party «Opposition bloc» betrayed voters and, therefore, will continue to disintegrate, said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, leader of the political party «For life» Vadim Rabinovich. He said this in broadcast of its program «someone Who Rabinovich» on TV channel «112 Ukraine».

«I’m not the first time declare that the opposition bloc – the traitors! They have betrayed the interests of the electorate in the South-East of Ukraine when they voted for the budgets of the two governments, judicial reform, transferring it into the hands of the President, for a killer utilities for their «rigs» channels, villas and estates to save their behinds. They are political crooks! Therefore, the opposition bloc is crumbling from within, the act of Nestor Shufrych, who left the opposition bloc and join the party «For life» – this is not the last «opublikoval» in Parliament!» – said Rabinovich.

The politician added that some members of the party are ashamed of their vote, along with Pro-government faction, so they come from the Opposition block.

«Within the opposition bloc continues to fight groups that normally do not get along, and feuds sometimes fly through the air. In addition, the faction had betrayed their constituents by voting with the Pro – government parties and the law on housing and communal services, and for the transfer of the judiciary in the hands of the President, thus giving him dictatorial powers – so some members of the opposition bloc just a shame, and they are leaving its ranks,» – said Rabinovich.

He explained that the conversation about the transition Shufrych of the party «For life» was first held six months ago.

«Then Nestor simply was not comfortable to leave the faction, because he had friendly relations with many members of the opposition bloc. However, each new vote this fraction together with the power Shufrich perceived painful. Now he’s finally decided to join our political force. And we are so happy!» – said the MP.

The words of the Deputy from the Opposition bloc Serhiy Lyovochkin on the output Shufrich from the party he called the attempt to restore the reputation.

«Liovochkin has said that the Shufrych, he says, never imagined «the Opposition bloc in Parliament, and was allegedly part of the team of Victor Medvedchuk «Ukrainian choice». So they want to whiten their reputation. They say, he has not left our party, because I was not a part of it. This, of course, not so,» said the politician.

The MP claims that Medvedchuk meet and Lyovochkin and co-Chairman of the faction of the Opposition bloc Yuriy Boyko.

«It’s amazing, but the people who are scheming against the head of «Ukrainian choice» Medvedchuk, running to his bow! According to my sources, Yuriy Boyko in the last 20 days had it 14 times, Serhiy Lyovochkin two times. However, the second time he was not even allowed to Medvedchuk, though he asked. In this regard, the question arises: Lord Lyovochkin and Boyko, if you don’t like Medvedchuk why you see him so often? Personally I responsibly declare that he is better than you at times, because it pulls soldiers out of captivity, fighting for the liberation of our guys. And you, having channels, and often, flying to Moscow, not doing for the country, nothing, only their behinds survive!» – said Rabinovich.

He believes that the opposition now represents his party.

«The opposition is not split! We have a popular party «For life» and fragments of the parasites that are trying to grab a dead Opposition bloc. The crooks of the opposition bloc are even afraid to expel me from the faction, are looking for ways to put pressure on me and through Medvedchuk, and through the Administration of the President, but they’re not companions, – the politician said. – I am ready to take responsibility for anyone who wants to join our ranks, from the day when it will become part of the party «For life». That was before, I don’t know and are not liable, but if a person goes to our party from that day to take responsibility.»


Rabinovich said that after Shufrych from the Opposition bloc will emerge and other members 13.11.2017

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