Quickpace company Limited, which is associated with Onishchenko was offshore Arbuzov – journalist

Quickpace company Limited was offshore of the former first Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov. About this Facebook said the journalist of the program «Nashi Groshi» Yuri Nikolov, citing a source in the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

NABS suspects employees of «Oschadbank» in the loss of $156,8 million and 218,1 thousand UAH, owned by Quickpace Limited.

«The lowdown missing in «Oshchadbank» $159 million simple. A source in the NAB logically explained. After the Maidan Watermelon sh…bnut, and to Sarasate tails and sides, merged one of his offshore Quickpace Limited to authorized lbs new power – Onishchenko (fluent non-faction people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko. – «GORDON») and Fuchs (businessman Pavel Fuks. – «GORDON»). They are very well represented symmetry in the powder-front coalition. Then Onishchenko «put propaganda» and NABOO sabanilla account of the offshore. And the money is already in my thoughts drank, Fuchs at large,» wrote Nicholas.

According to him, the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine arrested accounts «bends the pound Kashkin (former Director of the company «Gas of Ukraine – 2020» Arkadiy Kashkin. – «GORDON») on the recognition arbuzovskaya offshore evolym, bends Kramatorsk, the court in lawless chaos, to classify it all, takes his arrest with these bubblecow inserts Omarbekova secrecy in the mouth and a piston of danger, well…Poo, and money «senecaut» in the secret Treasury the direction of the state budget, which already boys Oh boys ahead dug drainage canals».

According to Nikonov, if this scheme is known to him, know her in the Group of development of financial measures for combating money laundering (FATF) and other international organizations.

November 8 in the NAB said that the suspect employees «Oschadbank» in the loss of $156,8 million and 218,1 thousand UAH, belonging Quickpace Limited and arrested may 24, 2016 in the investigation of the «gas business» Onishchenko.

Fugitive MP in response said that these funds were arrested in 2014 under cases of special confiscation of funds of the fugitive President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. He noted that he was allegedly not relevant.

In «Oshchadbank» and the Prosecutor’s office denied the theft of company funds. The money is in the accounts of the state Treasury of Ukraine, reported in the GPU.

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that the detectives NAB, interrogating the management of «Oshchadbank» in the case of allegedly missing funds of the company, looking for documents that might be necessary «to attack Ukraine.»

In the NEB said that the company’s funds Quickpace Limited was listed in Hasznosito illegal because he was arrested in the investigation of the so-called «gas business», and are listed in the framework of other criminal proceedings.

Quickpace company Limited, which is associated with Onishchenko was offshore Arbuzov – journalist 11.11.2017

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