Quickpace company Limited, which is associated with Onishchenko, belonged to the Arbuzov — court documents

Cyprus company Limited Quickpace, which is associated with extra fractional people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko, owned by the former head of the National Bank of Ukraine, former Deputy Prime Minister. This is evidenced by the number of rulings in the Solomenskiy district court of Kiev, published in the Unified register of court cases.

March 25, 2016 this court granted the petition of the investigators of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) about the arrest of about 200 documents seized during the search at the address: Kyiv city, Kreshchatik str., 27B, which are actually used by JSC «Nadra geocentre», OOO «Firm Khas», «Natural resources», «Carpocratians», «Gastransport».

Forbes writes that in the first three Onishchenko has interests. The project «Nashi Groshi» reported that «Gastransport» is mentioned in the case of embezzlement in «Ukrgazvydobuvannia» that the fugitive MP is held as a suspect.

In the decision of Solomensky court of 25 March 2016 says that in the course of the search found, in particular, the founding documents of the Cyprus company Limited Quickpace, as well as two agreements between the «A. R. O. and P. Y. f» of 15 September and 6 October 2015.

In a decision dated July 1, 2016 provided that, according to the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine, during the inspection of the seized documents established that in April 2015, the control of the company Quickpace Limited and access to her assets and got «unidentified persons from among people’s deputies of Ukraine» and the citizen of the Russian Federation.

«Besides, during a pretrial investigation it is established that in July 2014 on the basis of the decision of the investigative judge of the Pechersk district court of Kyiv has been seized on Bank accounts and securities accounts of non-resident companies, the beneficial owner of which is former head of the National Bank of Ukraine, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine. In the list of the companies on which liens have been included the non-resident company Limited Quickpace», – stated in the decree.

According to the court, the seized documents are the agreement of 15 September 2015, which said that unidentified persons from among the deputies become beneficial owners of 50% shares of the company Quickpace Limited, a Russian citizen receives in the property the remaining 50% of the shares. It is noted that the transfer of ownership of the company Prontoservus Limited receives $29.6 million

«European Pravda» writes that one of the agreements between the «A. R. O. and P. Y. f» – «Alexander Romanovich Onishchenko and Pavel Yakovlevich Fuchs» (a Russian businessman) – seized during the search.

The publication suggests that other may be an original agreement, according to which Onishchenko receives 67% and Fuchs 33% Quickpace Limited. The draft document was published by the journalists of Al Jazeera.

«European Pravda» writes that the former head of the National Bank of Ukraine, former Deputy Prime Minister who mentioned in the regulations, Sergey Arbuzov.

In the investigation of Al Jazeera said that the businessman Sergey Kurchenko sold Onishchenko and Fuchs part of the illicit assets of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage. The contract, which is in the order channel indicates that Onishchenko and Fuchs will pay $30 million in the form of cash and a private jet for the company Quickpace Limited. Other documents indicate that the seller acted Kurchenko. The Deputy himself has confirmed the role of Fuchs and Kurchenko in the agreement, but added that it was never signed. However, a lawyer with the Cyprus has confirmed to Al Jazeera that the sale of Quickpace took place and the company became the property of one of the companies of the Fuchs.

Now Quickpace belongs is registered in Cyprus Evermore Property Holdings Limited, which, in turn, is in the Dorchester International Incorporated owned by the Fuchs, mentioned in the investigation.

That Quickpace Limited owned Arbuzov, reported in November 2017, the journalist of the program «Nashi Groshi» Yuri Nikolov, citing a source in the NAB.

Watermelon was the head of the NBU in 2010-2012, the first Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine in 2012-2014.

Quickpace company Limited, which is associated with Onishchenko, belonged to the Arbuzov — court documents 09.01.2018

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