Pyongyang has the necessary technology for a nuclear attack on the U.S., say in Washington

U.S. experts, after analyzing data about the launch of a North Korean booster with a satellite connection, came to the conclusion that Pyongyang has the necessary technology to launch Intercontinental ballistic missiles. The range allows you to launch a nuclear strike on most sites in the continental United States.

According to CNS News, according to preliminary data, the weight displayed North Korean missile on the satellite orbit was about 200 pounds — that’s twice the payload at the previous successful launch in 2012. In addition, the range of the rocket has increased from 10 to 13 thousand kilometers, reports

Now, experts say, is within range of Intercontinental missiles launched from the territory of the DPRK, is about 38% of the territory of the United States. This territory is home to 120 million people.

As acknowledged by the publication, on 7 February, the North Korean rocket was carrying civilian cargo, however, several UN resolutions prohibit Pyongyang from any launch using ballistic missile technology.

This step of the DPRK have already caused a sharp international reaction. The UN security Council has promised to impose new sanctions. U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power declared that Washington will facilitate the acceptance of serious measures by the security Council against North Korea. Barack Obama and South Korean President Park Geun-Hye also talked about the introduction of new sanctions, the two countries condemned China for attempting to act as an advocate of North Korea.

According to the Agency Yonhap, next week, Washington would send a submarine to the shores of South Korea to demonstrate the DPRK military might of the allies. The Virginia class submarine capable of carrying cruise missiles «Tomahawk» and the torpedo «mark-48». Also in joint military exercises can take part of the USS John C. Stennis and another ship class supercarrier.

«The U.S. military will transmit warning messages and recommit to the defense of South Korea through the deployment of key strategic assets on the Korean Peninsula,» South Korean source says the Agency.

We will note, South Korea has answered the call of its Northern neighbor not only military but also economic ways. So, according to ABC Net, Seoul suspended the project to construct a joint industrial Park Kaesong. On the construction of the complex South Korean factories were employed North Korean workers. South Korea has frozen the funding of the project.

As the newspaper notes, this is the first time Seoul is the freezing of works on creation of the industrial Park, opened in 2004 as a symbol of cross-border reconciliation. Currently in Kaesong employs more than 53 thousand workers from North Korea. The payroll last year amounted to 155 million dollars. In recent years, South Korea has invested in the development of the industrial Park of more than 1.1 billion dollars.

Pyongyang has the necessary technology for a nuclear attack on the U.S., say in Washington 11.02.2016

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