Pyatt: now we do not focus on restoration of the sovereignty of Ukraine and over the world in the Donbass

American policy is aimed at full implementation of Minsk agreements. Also the U.S. is concerned about human rights violations in Crimea and does not recognize the annexation of the Peninsula.

About it during the broadcast on the TV channel ZIK said the Ambassador of the USA in Ukraine Jeffrey Payette.

«The annexation of Crimea did not disappear with the U.S. diplomatic radar. This problem is in constant dialogue with Russia. The U.S. did not recognize, do not recognize and will not recognize Russian annexation of the Peninsula and it is our clear policy. But right now, we do not focus on restoration of the Ukrainian sovereignty, which is our long-term goal, and over the world in the Donbass. From a practical point of view it is the very first requirement», — said Payette.

In addition, he noted that the U.S. is not out of talks on settlement of situation in Ukraine and opposite concentrated to make the Minsk agreement a success. America is working closely with France and Germany leading to the Minsk process.

According to the diplomat, now to state the main component is a unity between the President, Prime Minister, government and Parliament — to support the very serious process of reform, which was founded in the past two years.

He noted that the Ukrainian leadership continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to comply with requirements that go with a very large multi-billion dollar aid package from the IMF.

«Sanctions against Russia may be revised only when the Minsk agreement is fully implemented. U.S. President Barack Obama said this position in his conversation with Putin. He also highlighted the requirement to provide the OSCE observers full access throughout Ukraine to internationally recognized borders. None of these things happens. Until this happens, we won’t talk about the easing of sanctions,» the Ambassador said.

However, in Ukraine, corruption continues to be part of the business and political culture. Overcoming it is the key to unlocking the enormous economic potential of Ukraine. An important indicator of progress will be court orders by the most corrupt, said Payette.

We will remind, earlier the U.S. State Department also urged the Ukrainian authorities to put aside personal interests, overcome differences and to continue the reforms.

Pyatt: now we do not focus on restoration of the sovereignty of Ukraine and over the world in the Donbass 28.02.2016

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