Putin: What Manafort relates to Russia, I don’t understand

American political strategist by Paul Manafort has nothing to do with Russia. On 11 November, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, answering questions of journalists in Vietnam at the end of the summit of the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation, the press service of the Kremlin.

«As for Manafort, it is also somehow associated with Russia. The only connection with Russia is that he, being the head, and probably the owner, I don’t know, American public relations Agency, signed contracts, and also as a businessman, working in this field, working with Ukraine, including former President Yanukovych (fluent ex-the President Ukraine Victor Yanukovych. – «GORDON»). But what does this have to do with Russia, I don’t understand. No. Nothing here, just empty talk and the desire to use any clue to combat the current President of the United States. But, I repeat, not our business, let them understand,» – said Putin.

From March to August 2016 Manafort engaged in election campaign of the President of the United States Donald trump.

July 26, 2017 Federal U.S. agents seized documents and other materials in the house of Manafort. The searches were carried out under a special investigation of Russian interference in presidential elections in the United States.

30 October Manafort and his business partner Rick gates was accused of conspiracy against the United States. They were charged on 12 counts and sent under house arrest.

According to the investigation, Manafort and gates generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue as a result of their work in Ukraine. First laundered more than $18 million and the second $3 million

Putin: What Manafort relates to Russia, I don’t understand 11.11.2017

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