Putin said that Russia has ended a recession

The situation in the Russian economy improves. This was announced today at a meeting with representatives of large Russian business, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the Kremlin website.

«Ended the recession, obviously, we’ll see. In January–November of the current year, GDP increased, according to the Ministry of economic development, 1.4%. Although in the fourth quarter there was some slowdown, but still the trend is clear – go ahead. We all understand why some reduction occurred at the expense of decline in industrial production,» Putin said.

According to him, «in General, the trend of such an encouraging, and it is based on a number of factors.»

«This trade growth and consumer demand, which since September has been increasing by about 3% compared to last year. This steady increase in railway shipments, which in recent years is about 6%, and the growth of demand for labor, reducing unemployment. These are obvious signs that the economy has overcome the recession,» – said the Russian President.

On November 30, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview with Russian television that poverty is «one of the most glaring problems» of the modern economy of the Russian Federation. «Of course, that the poverty is the flip side of underdevelopment of the economy,» he said.

After the occupation of Crimea and parts of Donbass, the international community imposed against Russia sanctions that affected the Russian economy.

Putin said that Russia has ended a recession 22.12.2017

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