Putin on nuclear programmes of the 1990-ies: The top secret Russian objects standing American flags

In the 1990-ies in the framework of agreements between Russia and the United States, the Americans struck almost 800 visits to the sites of the Russian nuclear complex. On this day in Sochi at the meeting of the international discussion club «Valdai» said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, quoted by his press service.

One agreement concerned the modernization of the systems of control, accounting and physical protection of nuclear materials, dismantling and disposing of submarines and radioisotope thermoelectric generators.

«620 verification visits, and in the Holy of holies of the Russian nuclear weapons complex: enterprises involved in the development of nuclear warheads and ammunition, the production of plutonium and weapons-grade uranium. The United States got access to all the top secret facilities of the Russian Federation. The agreement was effectively a unilateral character,» Putin said.

According to him, under the second agreement, US experts have dealt 170 visits to processing plants, «and in the closed area: in the nodes of the blending and storage of materials.»

«The most powerful in the world nuclear processing plant Ural electrochemical plant was even equipped with a permanent American observation post, directly in the shops of the plant has created permanent jobs, where American experts went every day as if to work, no matter how, and went to work. And in their rooms, as usual in this case, for the top secret Russian objects stood the American flag,» – said the President of the Russian Federation.

He noted that there was a list of 100 American specialists from 10 organizations in the U.S. that received a «right to conduct additional inspections at any time and without warning».

«All this lasted for 10 years. In the framework of this agreement Russia had withdrawn from the military the treatment of 500 tons of weapons-grade uranium, equivalent to about 20 thousand nuclear warheads,» – said Putin.

Putin on nuclear programmes of the 1990-ies: The top secret Russian objects standing American flags 19.10.2017

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