Putin on cryptocurrency: Today, put everything you’ve got, and tomorrow are all lost

In the future, Russia may need legislative regulation of cryptocurrencies. On 11 January, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with heads of Russian media, «Komsomolskaya Pravda».

He noted that the Central Bank of Russia for today have enough authority in this matter.

«Central Bank behaves conservatively. But in my opinion, this conservatism is justified because it is known that cryptocurrency is nothing, it cannot be a means of accumulation. For it has no material assets, nothing is assured. It can be a means of payment, it is done quickly and efficiently. You can pay, but no savings, no security. The fluctuations are enormous, today you gave it all you got, and tomorrow are all lost,» explained the President.

According to Putin, «as well as defrauded real estate investors, we cannot afford a repeat of the cryptocurrency».

«If we will handle it efficiently enough, then the state will be responsible for the situation in which people can get. Now it is mostly the responsibility of the person, and the state is only to prescribe: it can be, and this is impossible. And if will register more accurately, immediately there are any problems that need to be solved», – he stressed.

In January The Financial Times reported, citing sources in the Kremlin that Putin instructed to begin work on the creation of «scriptorama».

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency. It is not controlled by any one Bank, no bills and notes, and all transactions are conducted only on the Internet and available in the clear. At the moment in the world there are more than 2 thousand cryptocurrencies, the most popular of them is Bitcoin (bitcoin) and Ethereum (Ethereum).

Putin on cryptocurrency: Today, put everything you’ve got, and tomorrow are all lost 12.01.2018

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