Putin is always ready to start a Third world war — NATO General

Russian President Vladimir Putin at any moment ready to start a Third world war. It was declared a British NATO General Richard Shirreff, reports Polish Radio.

In a published report, the soldier stressed that the Russian President as a whole has enough power to start the takeover of Eastern Europe.

In a published report entitled «Weapons to deter. Poland and NATO must confront a resurgent Russia says that Poland and NATO must prevent Russia. In addition, General Shirreff contends that «there is a great need for strengthening the defense capability of Poland to reduce the desire to surprise attack from Russia.»

«The NATO summit in archiveby was a turning point for the Alliance. 28 States had a special opportunity to show the role of NATO and its ability to defend Europe and the transatlantic space. Poland must play a particularly important role», — stated in the introduction to the document.

The report analyzes threats, create Russia, given the strategy of NATO, with special attention to North-Eastern region of Poland and the Baltic States.

The document also provides recommendations on how to reform the Polish defense in connection with the new threat of war in the Eastern region of NATO, which is the largest since the end of the cold war.

Canadian scouts also believe that Russia is preparing for war with the West. Your hand and Russia experienced during the intervention in Syria. In the past two years, Russia is becoming more and more militarized country. The report noted that conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, Putin wants to distract attention from the poor state of the Russian economy.

«To justify the war with the West Putin can easily use her usual propaganda. Russia has already started a number of major military manoeuvres, and the mass mobilization takes place along the border with Eastern Europe», — say the authors.

«There is a big suspicion that this could be a cover for the real movement of troops that would have allowed the Russian army to start a war so fast that NATO would not be able to stop it», — the report says.

Shirreff said that the only way to deter Putin from the beginning of a larger conflict with Eastern Europe is a significant increase in the number of troops in Poland. But it also means a large-scale location of troops from the US and the UK.

Putin is always ready to start a Third world war — NATO General 26.07.2016

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