Putin has threatened to bring troops to the border with Finland in case of its joining NATO

Russian troops will not remain far from the border with Finland the position, if the authorities will decide on joining NATO.

This was stated on Friday, July 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin during the meeting with President of Finland Sauli Niinisto in the city of Naantali. According to Putin, after joining the North Atlantic Alliance «Finnish troops would cease to be independent,» and «will be part of the military infrastructure of NATO, which at once will be at the borders of the Russian Federation». However, he stressed that Russia values the neutral status of Finland and treats him with respect.

In addition, Putin noted that Russia is ready to start a dialogue with NATO on the development of confidence-building measures and conflict prevention, primarily in the Baltic sea area. The Russian President reiterated Brussels meeting of the Council Russia-NATO after the summit, members of the Alliance, which will be held on 8-9 July in Warsaw.

However, the President of Finland has expressed hope that the Russian military aircraft in the skies over the Baltic sea do not turn off the onboard transceivers for their identification with the land. Putin agreed with the proposal of the Finnish colleagues and promised to instruct the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of defence to put the issue on the agenda during the forthcoming meeting of the Council Russia-NATO in Brussels.

Over the past two years Russian military aircraft repeatedly violated the airspace of Finland, which triggered a discussion about the need for the country’s accession to NATO.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Finland are going to join NATO together with Sweden, which Russia has threatened «military action».

As repeatedly stated by Finnish politicians, the question of the possible accession of Finland to NATO can only be addressed at a national referendum.

«True, perhaps, if eight major parties and the President of the Republic reach agreement on accession to NATO, will have the support of two thirds of deputies of the Parliament», — said at the end of 2014, Prime Minister of Finland Alexander Stubb.

Finnish analysts do not exclude that a military invasion of Finland the Russians can start with the Aland Islands, which are a key position for control over water and air space of the Baltic sea.

«Aland Islands — an Autonomous region of Finland, 300 unprotected demilitarized for half a century now Islands with convenient natural ports and coves. About 25 thousand people live here, 50 km from the Swedish coast and 70 km from the Finnish coast. In 1141 km from Russia, where the åland Islands belonged to the first in tsarist times, and then during the time of Stalin: just an hour flight for the MiG,» — wrote on this occasion, the Italian «Corriere della Sera».

In case of war with Putin’s Russia, Finnish Ministry of defence is already preparing 900 thousand reservists.

Putin has threatened to bring troops to the border with Finland in case of its joining NATO 02.07.2016

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