Putin again said the names of Bulk, answering a question about it

Russian President Vladimir Putin, responding to a question about opposition leader Alexei Navalny, again uttered his name. About it reports «Komsomolskaya Pravda» in the Moscow edition which arrived today Putin.

Bulk he called «the character you mentioned».

The question to Putin, concerned representatives of the US state Department, which expressed concerns because of the refusal of the CEC to register Navalny as a candidate for the presidency.

«He’s not the only one not allowed. Why other do not call – apparently, according to the preferences of the us administration,» – said the Russian President.

According to Putin, it «speaks about who they would like to see in the leadership of the country.»

«Apparently, these are the people on whom they rely, on which they rely. In this sense, they pierced, they would be better kept silent», – he said.

Earlier, answering questions about Navalny, Putin has avoided the mention of names of the opposition. In particular, at a press conference on 14 December he also called Bulk «character, who was mentioned».

Navalny announced the decision to participate in the presidential elections in December 2016. 25 December 2017, the CEC adopted decision on refusal in its registration. On 30 December the Supreme court of Russia rejected the complaint Navalny ineligible for election.

Putin again said the names of Bulk, answering a question about it 11.01.2018

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