Published the content of the interrogations Sechin in the case of speaker

The investigative Committee of the Russian Federation was three times interrogated the head of the Russian company «Rosneft» Igor Sechin in the case of the former Minister Alexei Ulyukayev. This was reported by «Russian service of BBC», which turned out to be an interrogation of the head of «Rosneft».

Sechin was questioned on the morning of 15 November 2016 in the police car, and in one of the offices of «Rosneft» Sofiyskaya embankment 17 January and 31 may 2017.

On first examination, Sechin said that Russia has demanded from him a bribe «in October–November 2016». During the second interrogation said that on October 15 at the summit in Goa, Minister in the building during the meeting began to discuss the privatization of «Bashneft». At that time the deal had been approved by the government, and, according to Sechin, the speaker asked «any way to thank him for the positive solution», paying «a premium».

According to the head of «Rosneft», he asked, how to understand this request. What the speaker «gesture in the form of two fingers showed the size of the desired reward,» adding verbally that he wants to get $2 million.

In the interrogation Sechin said that his conversation with Ulyukaev saw the staff of the security service of «Rosneft», but I never heard no one else. Speaker, the fact of such conversation is denied, and interrogated in court witnesses their conversation said that such gestures are not seen.

Sechin also said that after his return from Goa, spoke about the requirement Ulyukayev, the head of the security service of «Rosneft» Oleg Feoktistov, and then together they turned to the FSB. Feoktistov and Sechin have agreed to participate in the operation, during which the speaker was arrested.

As notes the edition, the number of statements Sechin during interrogation, contrary to wiretaps of phone Sechin, voiced in court. In particular, the head of «Rosneft» declared that the initiator of a meeting the day of the arrest of the speaker was an ex-Minister, but in fact it’s Sechin asked him to come to his office.

During the interrogation, Sechin said that $2 million were treated with spectatora and put it in a bag, locked. The key to the bags put in the envelope «to avoid premature contact of any person with the exception of the taker».

He said that during a short conversation Ulyukayev said that the «amount collected», thus «labeling a bribe». According to him, the speaker «wonder about getting» heavy bags of money is not expressed, and its «full awareness of the purpose of his visit to Rosneft and the contents of the bag.»

15 Nov 2016 Sledkom the Russian Federation announced the arrest of the speaker. According to Russian investigators, the official received from Sechin $2 million for the provision of a positive assessment, which allowed Rosneft to buy the state package of shares of «Bashneft».

The speaker refused to accept the blame. During the trial, he said it was a provocation of a bribe by the FSB.

The court released transcript of conversation Sechin and speaker. Context of the conversation implies that Sechin at parting gave the guest a basket with sausage. Ulyukayev argued in court that the head of «Rosneft» gave him a package of wine. Sechin described the announcement in court of the content of his conversation with Ulyukaev «professional cretinism».

8 Nov 2017 the court for the first time, Sechin called for questioning. It was expected that the head of «Rosneft» will come to the meeting on 13 November, but it wasn’t. Sechin came also to the meeting of the 15th and 22nd of November.

He said that will come in court, when will «coordinate charts».

Published the content of the interrogations Sechin in the case of speaker 25.11.2017

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