PROTON Energy Group stated on the contract information campaign against her

Fuel and energy company PROTON Energy Group stated on the contract information campaign against her and the politicization of the Ukrainian fuel market. The company noted that supply liquefied natural gas to Ukraine and provide Ukrainian market with the most competitive prices. This is stated in the press service of PROTON Energy Group, writes «RBC-Ukraine».

«The company expresses concern about excessive politicization and lack of transparency of the Ukrainian fuel market. Over the past months against the us began a customized media campaign that harm in the first place for Ukrainian consumers, as evidenced by the price changes in the retail market», – stated in the message.

The press service stressed that the PROTON Energy Group «provides a stable supply to Ukraine fuel contracted by the leading Ukrainian operators (WOG, OKKO, youth Union, CLO, GLUSCO)».

As stated in the press release from February 2017 selling wholesale price of liquefied gas in accordance with long-term contracts was changed in the fluctuation range of the conventional index ANSI, «that is caused primarily by a seasonal increase in consumption and scheduled repairs at refineries in Russia and Belarus, respectively, there is a temporary rise of prices in Europe and the black sea region by 10-15%».

«In August 2017, PROTON Energy Group delivers liquefied natural gas to Ukrainian contractors an average of $635 per ton, while the domestic market began to consume liquefied natural gas at a wholesale cost of over $1,100 per tonne,» the report says.

The company said that support for healthy competition, and called «stop dirty media campaign, which hurt ordinary consumers.»

PROTON Energy Group is an international energy company with headquarters in Switzerland. Supplies to the countries of the black sea and Mediterranean basins, North Africa, Asia and the Americas on the basis of long-term contracts with leading world suppliers of petroleum products, petrochemistry, oil and liquefied natural gas.

Since mid-August at filling stations in Ukraine has become more expensive gas. According to the portal OilNews, from the 18th to the 21st of August, the price of autogas in large networks of stations in Kiev has grown on the average on 1,5 UAH per liter – up to 14.99 UAH. Publication «LigaBusinessInform» wrote that over a month at the Ukrainian gas stations the average price of petrol rose by 37% and continue to grow.

On 28 August, the average price of car gas in Ukraine increased to 15.98 UAH per liter.

The Minister of economic development and trade Stepan Kubiv has instructed relevant ministries and agencies to conduct an audit due to the cost of liquefied gas at filling stations of Ukraine.

PROTON Energy Group stated on the contract information campaign against her 29.08.2017

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