Protests in Bolivia: protesters set fire to the city hall, killing 6 officials

In El Alto, a suburb of the capital of Bolivia — protesters broke into city hall and set it on fire.

As a result of suffocation killed six employees of the municipality, 10 people were hospitalized. About it reports the Left coast with reference to Reuters.

The rally was organized by supporters of the Socialist party of President Evo Morales. Local authorities in El Alto is headed by the opposition.

The Deputy interior Minister of Bolivia , Marcelo Elio said that some of the officials began to pour boiling water on protesters that could provoke unrest and led to the tragedy.

At the end of the week in Bolivia will hold a referendum the citizens have to vote on the draft amendments to the Constitution that allows Morales to run for a fourth presidential term. Changing the Constitution will allow him to remain in power until 2025.

Recall that Morales is President of Bolivia since January 2006. At the time of his reign was nationalized a number of industries. In particular, in 2008 the Bolivian government nationalized the largest natural gas pipeline company Transredes Transporte de Hidrocarburos, and just before it was announced the nationalization of three oil and one telecommunications company.

According to the President, nationalization of strategic industries required to ensure that the revenue from the sale of natural resources «equitably distributed between the people of the whole country.»

Protests in Bolivia: protesters set fire to the city hall, killing 6 officials 18.02.2016

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