Protection Savchenko released wiretap phones and Carpentry.

Protection of Ukrainian pilots and MP Hope Savchenko announced the interception of telephone conversations of the leaders of Luhansk militants who discuss her detention.
Made interceptions SBU has published the lawyer Savchenko Ilya Novikov, reports Ukrainian Pravda

The first entry is a conversation of the leader «LNR» Igor Plotnitsky and a certain Sergei, who is the commander captured Savchenko platoon.

During the conversation Sergey Carpenter reports on the captured Savchenko, held in 10.46 17 June (the attack, which killed Russian journalists took place at 11.40).

Sergey Savchenko calls «snipersas».

In conversation with Russian journalists Valery Bolotov on June 17, at 13.05 announces the capture of the «female sniper», referring to Savchenko.

In addition, published and the conversation presumably with Bolotov Pavel Karpov, the assistant to Vladislav Surkov, in which Savchenko recognized one of his captors.

Karpov is interested in nationality «snipers».

Bolotov tells him that the FSB («grandmother») had already asked Savchenko, calling it «bertolaccini», who fought in Iraq.

We will remind, at the session of the court 1 February Novikov called Karpov «curator «of the LC from the office of the President.»

Savchenko and identified Karpov the man who on June 23, 2014 participated in her removal from Lugansk to Russia. According to Savchenko, Pavel Karpov, the leader of the militants «LNR» Igor Carpenter gave all of her documents before they left Luhansk.

The lawyers asked the court to call Karpov for questioning, but the court refused.

In turn, Karpov, who has previously worked in the AP Putin, denies involvement in the kidnapping Savchenko.

Protection Savchenko released wiretap phones and Carpentry. 04.02.2016

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