Prosecutors: sumchanin who deliberately caused a gas leak in the apartment

The cause of the explosion in the apartment across the street Lushpy, 52 in Sumy, which occurred on the morning of 9 January, was a gas leak, deliberately caused by a tenant of the apartment.

About today, January 9, the press-Secretary of the Prosecutor of the Sumy area Natalya Naumenko, reports UKRINFORM.

«The results of preliminary inspection of the apartment found that the gas hob was disconnected tube, the gas valve was turned off,» — said Naumenko.

According to her, on the given fact initiated criminal proceedings under part 2 of article 194 of the Criminal code of Ukraine «Deliberate destruction or damage of property».

For clarification of circumstances of incident and liquidation of its consequences today held a meeting of the city Commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergency situations.

«We decided that the situation does not fall under the category of emergency. On-site work contractors. In the house glued to the window, tomorrow will begin to insert them and to repair the door. Residents no road, no nearby danger. Communications in the house have all included», — said the head of the emergency Department of the Sumy city Council Artur Petrov.

According to officials, funds from the reserve Fund of the city for damages out not to be, because no one was hurt. Probably will receive some kind of financial assistance to people for housing repairs. Now this issue is resolved.

As previously reported, on January 9 at about 9 a.m. in an apartment on the first floor of the house, 52 the Avenue Mahila Lushpy in Sumy explosion , injuring three people. The landlord, 26-year-old native resident of Sumy, was in intensive care, two people from a neighboring apartment were hospitalized.

Prosecutors: sumchanin who deliberately caused a gas leak in the apartment 09.01.2017

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