Procurement for heart Institute for the first time, will be engaged in an international organization, not a Ministry — the Ministry of health

Procurement for public funds 2016 in the direction of «cardiovascular disease» for the first time will be carried out through an international organization, not a Ministry. About it the health Ministry said at its official page in Facebook.

«From the Ministry of health every effort is made to ensure the smooth operation of highly specialized institutions for the provision of cardiac care. First and foremost, is that patients receive medical devices, particularly stents, institutions, which include the heart Institute of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, free of charge», — stated in the message.

12 December 2016, the health Ministry signed a final contract with one of the international organizations responsible for procurement in this area in the amount of 357 UAH 200,000. December 28 was declared the first tender. As of 3 January 2017 announced 5 of the 6 tenders, the latter will be announced January 4th.

Such a statement, the Ministry of health made after the Director of the heart Institute, cardiac surgeon Boris Todurov accused the leadership of the Ministry to «neglect his duties», the «failure in the «artificial heart» «and threatened the acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun court: «Program for cardiovascular disease include the purchase of 364 million UAH emergency supplies that could save tens of thousands of lives. You have not had this purchase,» wrote Todorov on his official page in Facebook.

In addition, Todorov accused Deputy Minister Alexander Lynch in blocking the work of the heart Institute: «has Not signed any official documents for last 4 months. For the fourth month, he denies us the opening of branches in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, where the population and the military in General remained without cardiac surgical care».

The health Ministry said that according to the budget for the program GCC for 2016, for the Institute was allocated in the amount of 50 million UAH. if the total amount for all regions of Ukraine — 357 200 000 UAH.

«In the state budget for 2017 for the heart Institute provides 141 600 000 UAH. medicines (including 10 million additional earmarked funds allocated by the budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine) and an additional 40 million UAH. for the purchase of equipment,» — said the Ministry of health.

Note, in the course of the year, according to the medical statistics in Ukraine is 50 thousand heart attacks and more than 100 thousand strokes. Says Todorov, each hryvnia invested in the development of cardiac surgery, allows you to save five. That is why, according to the Professor, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease is not only medical but also social problem.

Procurement for heart Institute for the first time, will be engaged in an international organization, not a Ministry — the Ministry of health 04.01.2017

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